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#062 | Traveling the Country While Creating Remote Income with Heath Padgett, Host of The RV Entrepreneur Podcast

Date : February 7, 2018 Posted By :James Martell

Traveling the Country as a RV Nomad While Creating Remote Income with Heath Padgett, Host of The RV Entrepreneur PodcastIn this episode of Podcasting Mastery, James Martell, tucked into the ‘Secret Beach Hut Studio’ talks with Heath Padgett, Host of The RV Entrepreneur Podcast, about traveling the country as a RV nomad all while creating remote income.

When Heath and Alyssa got married in 2014, they decided it would be a great adventure to tour all 50 States in one year from an RV. And 4 days after they tied the knot, they did just that in their RV they named “Franklin”. They soon figured out that earning income with your laptop while traveling was also the dream for others and soon found there was a community of people just like them.

Falling In Love With the RV Adventure Lifestyle

Heath shares some great stories of traveling the country as a RV nomad, where they traveled and how much it cost. He shares the challenges they faced, and how he felt blessed waking up each day and realizing they could really do this every day. He shares the logistics of making it work including making money, needing an internet connection and getting work. He shares how their business evolved, creative ways to earn income and what other unique things people were doing to make money on the road.

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Building Your Community Through Podcasts

Heath attributes their success to an emerging community of people doing the same thing. The podcast, now the top travel podcast in iTunes, was born out of the need to create a central conversation for his community. Podcasting allowed people to hear his voice and get to know him. Heath shares how this value of in-person communication turned into many other income opportunities including sold out conferences.

Listen Now as Heath shares:

  • Traveling the country as a RV nomad
  • Building a community of like minded people
  • Stumbling into his first major sponsorship
  • Generates multiple income streams
  • Fun stories from out on the road
  • Logistics of making it all work
  • Pre-planning your travel schedule
  • Earning income with your laptop on the road
  • Getting a gauge on the budget
  • Standing out in your field
  • Handling the negative-Nellies


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