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#018 | 7 Killer Podcasting Tools Podcasters Absolutely Love (and Would Hate to Live Without)

Date : March 14, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

7 Podcasting Tools Podcasters Absolutely LoveDo you ever wonder how they do it? How do Podcasting Veteran, James Martell and Digital Marketing Strategist, Kimberly Juchnowski put together a professional sounding podcast from the humble environs of a beach hut studio? How do they manage all the pieces, interviews, sound effects, audio editing and still have time to swim with the turtles? Well, this week James and Kimberly will share some trade secrets, including seven podcasting tools that podcasters absolutely love (many of which are free) and would hate to live without.

Catch a Wave

Before we get started though, James wanted to warn everyone about an upcoming tsunami, and this time he’s actually not talking about being at the beach. Instead, it’s the wave of new podcasting tools and gadgets such as the devices that offer WiFi in the car and Apple’s newly released (as of February 23rd, 2016) Podcast Connect, for managing your podcasts in iTunes. (James gave it a try and found it very simple to use.) Podcasting is a big thing these days. If your having any doubts about the size of this wave, do a Google search for “podcasting news” and watch the results flood in.

Small Investment, Big Return

You’ve heard James and Kimberly talk about all the things a podcast can do for your business; how it can shorten the sales cycle and generate “instant customer” calls. They’ve even talked about how to monetize your eBook using a podcast. One of the reasons podcasting provides such a great return on investment, is that the investment doesn’t have to be large. In this episode, James and Kimberly offer a list of podcasting tools that cost $30 or less. In fact, a lot of the tools on this list are absolutely free. Now, there’s a price that’s hard to beat!

What’s in Your Podcasting Toolbox?

A podcast is the ultimate business card. Many of the guests James and Kimberly talk to say they wish they would have started podcasting sooner. If you’re wondering how you can get started, listen to this content-packed episode to find out how you can:

  1. Simply and easily add an audio player (that interacts with iTunes) to your website, free of charge using Blubrry
  2. Be able to capture audio, record and publish a podcast from anywhere, with nothing more than your mobile phone using Spreaker Studio for Mobile
  3. Record and edit audio files without buying expensive equipment using Audacity
  4. Access an endless supply of royalty free sound effects and music that you can use to enhance your podcast from AudioJungle (via Envato)
  5. Talk to people anywhere (even if they are literally on the other side of the planet) for little or no cost via Skype
  6. Record those conversations to use as interviews on your podcast using the Amolto call recorder
  7. Leverage your email list to create new podcast subscribers and your podcast subscribers to add to your email list with AWeber


James and Kimberly are pretty excited some of the guests they’ll be talking to in the next few episodes. There’s Dana Malstaff of Boss Mom and Ali Shapiro of Insatiable, who can already see the impact her podcast is having on her business even though she’s only done 12 episodes. But there have also been some great previous episodes they want to make sure you miss:

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