Our Logo


The Story Behind Our Logo

James Martell, 12-year podcasting veteran and host of the Podcasting Mastery podcast, loves Maui.

It was during a trip to the island when he found himself snorkeling with his youngest daughter, he inadvertently bumped head first into a big ole lumbering sea turtle.

During this chance encounter, the sea turtle simply glanced back at James with a look on his face that clearly indicated he was thinking “dumb tourist” and then continued on his way. It was an experience James says “he’ll never forget” and is part of the inspiration behind the logo.

Another is the freedom and lifestyle that one can attain by developing a successful Internet based business, and why you can often hear James say in one of his podcasts is “… all I need is a white sandy beach, crystal clear blue waters, sunshine, a little beach hut with a small desk, an Internet connection and a turtle”.

You see that clearly represented in the logo.

And although, the “swim with the turtles” in the tagline may not be your dream or inspire you, James encourages everyone to fill-in-the-blank with their own.

Work Less, Earn More and ________________________.

We’ll leave that to you! 🙂