Our Team

Arlene Martell, Customer Care

Always here to answer your questions and concerns regarding our programs. Arlene manages our help desk and handles customer care. If you are looking for information on how to get your own show, questions about an existing show, or advertising opportunities don’t hesitate to give her a call at (604) 542-0747.

Erik Reynolds, Broadcaster/ Audio Editor

Being no stranger to professional production, Erik has been using his voice to communicate on stage and on air for over 18 years. A veteran of broadcast and multimedia production he brings confidence and quality to all of his on air interviews.

Robert Chornomaz, Graphic Design

Robert provides unique, compelling, creative design solutions in both online and offline marketing channels, and heads up the graphic design division for LocalWebRadio. With a “think outside of the proverbial box” attitude and has a passion for developing high quality designs.

Becky James-Muth, Writer

Becky is the our lead writer on staff here at Local Web Radio. She is a skilled writer, expert researcher and has the ability to adopt a number of diverse styles to meet the needs of any project that comes her way. She has a passion for podcasting (listening to them that is) and has vast knowledge on the subject.

Executive Team

James Martell, Rainmaker

James Martell is the VP of Product Development and a founding partner in jambMEDIA. James has an extensive track record in Internet marketing and digital product development including Ebooks, Podcasts, Courses and Webinars. He has taught tens of thousands of business owners how to market their businesses online through his ebooks, podcasts, training courses, webinars and speaking engagements. After nearly 15 years of online experience, James decided it was time to collaborate with his long time colleagues and helped form jambMEDIA. James is a certifiable car nut, father of four grown children (and grandfather of six beautiful grandkids), and has been married to his wife Arlene for almost 35 years. He lives in White Rock, BC, a beautiful seaside suburb of Vancouver on Canada’s West Coast. He can be contacted directly at (604) 542-0747.

Roy Weissman, Vice President of Sales

Roy Weissman is Vice President of Sales and comes to JambMEDIA from a career in Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Management in the media, entertainment and new media industries. While he started his career in the cable industry, most recently he has been in the digital world where he transformed a 50 year old company into a digital innovator as the first Ecommerce B2B website in its segment and grew the business by more than doubling its margins prior to its sale. Weissman has also contributed to the bottom lines of companies including Viacom, General Electric, Next New Networks, Octopus, Playboy Enterprises and one of the leading search engines of its time, Infoseek. He is currently a Professor in the Graduate Program at Northeastern University. Roy holds an MBA in Marketing from Syracuse University. He’s also enjoyed mentoring teens through Big Brother and Covenant House. He resides in Manhattan with his wife where there is always something new to discover.