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#043 | Aligning Your Podcast to Your Business, and Advice on Building a Vibrant Community with Natalie Eckdahl

Date : July 18, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

Aligning Your Podcast to Your Business, and Advice on Building a Vibrant Community with Natalie EckdahlFrom the secret beach hut studio, Podcasting Veteran, James Martell continues his discussion of how you can develop a lifestyle business so that you can spend less time doing business and more time enjoying family, travel and the things that matter most. Kimberly is away today, but James is joined by wife, mother, entrepreneur and podcaster, Natalie Eckdahl to discuss aligning your podcast to your business.

Natalie holds an MBA, is a serial entrepreneur and co-Founder of ScheduleMAX.com. Obviously her business credentials run deep, but she noticed that the people she knew from the “brick and mortar” world didn’t understand how different an online business is. Facebook ads and membership sites didn’t exist when Natalie got her MBA.

As she grew her online business, Natalie began listening to John Lee Dumas. She learned a lot from John and his guests, but she also noticed something. Most of the guests were male. When there was a woman, the questions which burned in Natalie’s mind didn’t get asked. Nothing against John, it’s just that Natalie is in search of the Holy Grain of “work/life balance” and no one knows more about that challenge than women entrepreneurs. So Natalie launched BizChix and the BizChix Podcast, a nest for multi-passionate entrepreneurs.

Fun With Formatting

There are no rules in business and there are no rules in podcasting. It’s all about finding what works for you and your audience. Natalie believes in flexibility and in change. She’s tried multiple different formats with her podcast including:

  • Five shows per week and one show per week
  • Interview shows
  • On air coaching calls
  • Solo Episodes
  • Capstone Episodes

You’ll hear what format works best for Natalie and her audience, as well as her strategies for managing audience expectations and getting a little time off from her show without having her numbers suffer.

Aligning Your Podcast to Your Business

Natalie is a big believer that your podcast should drive people to your business. In fact, she’s come to see her podcast as a marketing platform for her business. Her format has evolved over time as she’s responded to listener feedback, her own schedule and the way she and others like to consume content. Listen now to Natalie share her wisdom on:

  • Aligning your podcast to your business goals
  • Creating an episodic podcast series for business
  • The three advantages of using a series format
  • How to find the right frequency for your show
  • How to manage expectations and prime your audience so you can enjoy a break
  • Some hard won lessons about outsourcing (everything from your audio-editing to your laundry)
  • Strategies for building a vibrant podcasting community that will keep you motivated
  • Which should come first, the community or the podcast?


Natalie and James both have resources to share. In fact, Natalie clues James into a couple of life-changing tools he was previously unaware of.

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