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#011 | Zero to 100,000 Downloads in Just 90 Days – Allison Melody of the Food Heals Podcast Tells Us EXACTLY How They Did It!

Date : February 15, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

How to attract listeners to your podcast.Today Allison Melody, host of the Food Heals Podcast, joins James and Kimberly in the secret beach hut studio to share tips on how to attract listeners to your podcast. She should know. She took the Food Heals Podcast from zero to 100,000 downloads within a month. In this episode we will learn about the techniques she used to reach that remarkable success.

Allison is passionate about her program. She’ll share the very moving, very personal story of why she started her podcast and she’ll finish by telling us what she finds most rewarding about doing it. Then she’ll get into the knitty-gritty of how she does her twice-weekly show. James asks her how she came up with the name for her podcast. She’ll also talk about a few things every podcaster needs to know: how to think of new topics and where to find guests.

Spreading the Word

The mark of a successful podcast is how many people listen. Making your podcast into a cornerstone of your lifestyle business means developing a big audience. So how do you win new podcast subscribers? Taking a podcast from zero to 100,000 downloads in 90 days is no small feat which is why James and Kimberly invited Allison to the beach hut studio to share the secrets of her success.

Allison will talk about the unique strategies she used that allowed her number of subscribers to skyrocket. She’ll offer specifics including when (sooner than you think) and how to recruit sponsors, where to advertise and how to encourage listeners to leave ratings and reviews. These are all original techniques that Allison came up with and that you can use to attract listeners to your podcast.

A Little Help From Your Friends…

Allison is a big believer in not going it alone. James, Kimberly and Allison will discuss the necessity of having a co-host and Allison will tell us how she met Suzy, her dream co-host.

Allison also recommends having a support network (even if you are working from a beach hut studio with a tropical drink in your hand) and she’ll tell you where to find one. Then she’ll respond to Kimberly’s question about the biggest thing she’d do differently if she had a chance to do it all over again.

And since we are all friends, and to give an example of just how entertaining banter can be, James will throw Allison ten surprise questions. Some are relevant to her work (favorite tool you couldn’t live without…?) and some are just fun. Allison will also tell us the true meaning of the word “FOCUS”.

Allison Shares

  • Her three original strategies that helped her win new podcast subscribers
  • Her way of preparing before recording a podcast
  • How to generate episode topic ideas and book guests
  • Where to find help and support (and why you need it!)
  • Her biggest mistakes, or rather, learning experiences

Allison’s wisdom and the practical lessons she learned can be immediately put to work to help attract listeners to your podcast. Listen to the podcast now so that you can learn from her success.


Check out Allison’s podcast as well as a special report James developed describing what it takes to produce a profitable show of your own:

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