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#058 | Authority Marketing to Grow Your Brand and Business By Publishing a Book with Bea Wray for ForbesBooks

Date : January 14, 2018 Posted By :James Martell

Authority Marketing to Grow Your Brand and Business with Bea Wray for ForbesBooksIn this episode of Podcasting Mastery, James Martell tucked into the ‘Secret Beach Hut Studio’ talks with Bea Wray, Chair of the Entrepreneurship Practice Group for Forbesbooks. James and Bea will be discussing authority marketing to grow your brand and business.

Listen as Bea explains how to market your leadership and authority instead of your services, by publishing a book and become a go-to expert in your field of authority. Bea helps high-growth entrepreneurs tell their stories to build their authority and brand and grow their business.

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What is Building Your Brand?

You have already acheived something in business. Branding yourself is marketing your experience and shines a light on the expertise you already have building a foundation for the next great thing. Elevating yourself and knowing “who I am and who I want to serve”, is authority marketing to grow your brand and business.

Why Publish a Book?

Books open doors of opportunity now and for many years to come. People hold on to books, they share books, they have longevity. The power of a good book can get people buying it, regifting it and purchasing to give it away. You become the magnet, known and trusted by sharing your story, passion and knowledge, ultimately to attract the right person who wants to do business with you.

How ForbesBooks Can Help

Bea explains “make an investment to share knowledge”. But people are busy and can become quickly overwhelmed. Forbes guides the process from start to finish with a team of 8 people who get involved in the project. From an outline, plenty of research, calls, finding out the why of the book, the what and purpose to get your story out there. The team creates a full outline of chapters and sets the tone of the book to use as a roadmap to shape the story. The whole team needed includes a ghost writer, editors, illustration, layout and design, cover, and distribution along with the account manager. With 100 years experience. Forbes can get it done faster from concept to publication.

Listen Now as Bea shares:

  • Why books open doors of opportunity for years
  • How to attract and get clients to trust you through your story
  • The team required and steps needed to publish your own book
  • The costs and how long it takes to get published
  • What you need to know if considering publishing a book
  • How authority marketing is a systematic strategic plan
  • What you need a road map
  • How books can impact a community
  • The longevity of books
  • Real case stories of successful book owners


Special Bonus for Listeners:

  • A free copy of “Lead The Field” – A book Bea co authored with Adam Witty. Bea is delighted to offer this book to any listeners who provide their address and are interested in receiving it.


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