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#047 | Hidden Benefits of Podcasting in Business with Rod Janz, Host of FUEL RADIO

Date : September 8, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

Hidden Benefits of Podcasting in Business with Rod Janz of FUEL RADIOFrom the secret beach hut studio, Podcasting Veteran, James Martell continues his discussion of how you can use podcasting to work less, earn more and have more time to enjoy family, travel and the things that matter most. Today James is joined by Rod Janz, co-founder of Fuel Radio, and host and co-producer of the Jelly Marketing Podcast. James and Rod will discuss the many benefits of podcasting in business, how podcasting can help build your business network, advantages of the (rarely available) long form interview, and emerging opportunities that are available for experienced, successful podcasters.

Back in 2009, Rod decided to team up with the most inspirational person he knew (his father) to create a podcast that would tell the stories of people who had transformed their lives by working with a mentor, adviser, coach, consultant or director. Inspiration is the fuel in Fuel Radio. Rod wanted people to know that big change is possible with a little bit of desire and expert input from the right people.

Rod knows all about inspiration because he works full time for Mission Possible, helping disadvantaged people overcome poverty and homelessness. But as he worked on his podcast, trying to help others by sharing inspiring stories, Rod noticed the benefits that he was getting. Among many podcasting benefits, Rod notes the networking opportunities, the chance to learn about business and entrepreneurship from his guests, and most importantly, the chance to help people.

Opportunity Knocking

A big break came when Rod was conducting interviews at the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference. Rod was hustling hard, trying to interview every speaker at the conference, and that caught the eye of Darian Covax of Jelly Marketing. Darian asked Rod if he’d like to put together a podcast for them. As an experienced podcaster who knew podcasting best practices as well as the benefits of podcasting in business, Rod was a natural for the job. And what a job! Rod gets to discuss all things marketing with representatives from some of the world’s leading brands – brands like McDonald’s, Disney and Google. Those are companies that have the big bucks to do lots of testing of new tools and toys.

Top tier marketing companies aren’t the only opportunities. Rod and James believe there are all sorts of business, coaches and entrepreneurs who would benefit from a podcast, but don’t have time to put one together themselves. The skills you learn as a podcaster may take you places you never imagined.

The Benefits of Podcasting in Business

Listen now, as Rod and James will hone in on podcasting techniques and some of the benefits of podcasting in business like:

  • How podcasting can help build your business network
  • The advantages of the (rarely available) long form interview
  • Where to start when looking for guests for your podcast
  • How to put your podcast guests at ease (They’re more nervous than you are.)
  • Possible formats including interviews, coaching sessions and mash-ups
  • Opportunities for experienced podcasters who don’t have their own businesses to promote


If you’re looking to be inspired or would like to hear what representatives from some of the world’s biggest brands have to say about marketing, check out Rod’s podcasts:

And if you’re interested in the good work being done at Mission Possible in Vancouver, B.C., you can visit them at http://www.mission-possible.ca.

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