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#024 | Blogging vs. Podcasting – How to Supercharge Your Blog with a Podcast to Dramatically Expand Your Audience

Date : April 4, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

Blogging vs. PodcastingTwelve year podcasting veteran, James Martell and Digital Marketing Strategist, Kimberly Juchnowski are in the secret beach hut studio discussing blogging vs. podcasting. Of course, they see podcasting as one of the best strategies for developing a passive monthly income, allowing you to work less and earn more. But a successful blog can do that too. So what’s the advantage of a podcast?

One obvious advantage is that you can listen to the content while keeping your eyes on the road. Innovations like Apple Car Play and Android Auto make podcasting the perfect medium for reaching people who don’t have time to sit in front of screen reading your blog posts.

Blogging vs. Podcasting? Why not both?

Should I blog or should I podcast? Either way, your main job is creating valuable content for your audience. From a competitive point of view, podcasting has clear advantages. Let’s face it. There are a lot of blogs out there – an estimated 450 million in fact. Compare that to a mere 185,000 podcasts and you can see how much less competition you’ll have as a podcaster.

But, maybe it’s not really an either or situation…Bacon and eggs. Peas and carrots. Tropical seas and fruity drinks. Some things were just meant to be together. As James and Kimberly will describe, blogging and podcasting go hand in hand to help you reach a wider audience and convert them into paying customers. The research you’ve done to create a blog post can be the basis for your podcast. And the show notes you write to promote your podcast can become your blog post.

In fact, if you have an existing blog, James will tell you how to use it to create the content for your first podcast episodes. As a blogger, you already have a built in audience and a huge store of content just waiting to be converted into an audio format. So what are you waiting for?

If you’ve followed the show, you’ve notice that guests repeatedly say they wish they would have started their podcasts sooner. As a blogger you have the foundation already set and James has created a free Webinar to help you get started converting that content into a podcast.

Pearls of Wisdom

You’ve heard how James likes to spend his time swimming with the turtles. Sometimes when he’s floating around in those tropical seas, he pulls up some pearls. He’ll share a few of those here:

  • Why the answer to the blogging vs. podcasting question is a no-brainer
  • Some dramatic statistics that show how much less competition there is for podcasters vs. bloggers
  • How a podcast can amplify the reach of your blog
  • How podcasting allows you to side-step the issue of duplicate content
  • How to use your existing a blog to get started podcasting
  • Why bloggers are already half-way there on creating a podcast


James and Kimberly want to share a few useful podcasting tools, as well as a couple of past episodes you may have missed:

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