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#039 | What Everybody Ought to Know About Podcasting, and Running a Contest to Build a Community with Jen Hemphill

Date : June 23, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

Building Relationships with a Podcast with Jen HemphillPodcasting coach extraordinaire, James Martell and Digital Marketing Strategist, Kimberly Juchnowski are nestled into the secret beach hut studio to continue their conversation about how you can develop a lifestyle business to work less, earn more and have more time for enjoying the family, travel and the things that matter most. We’ve heard from healers, fitness coaches and business coaches about the advantages of building relationships with a podcast. This week, James and Kimberly talk with personal finance coach and host of the podcast, Her Money Matters, Jen Hemphill.

Jens’ passion for personal finance comes from direct experience. As a military spouse, Jen found herself frequently relocating. All that movement made it tricky for her to have a career. When she and her husband started their family, they wanted her to be able to stay home with the kids. That meant dealing with increased expenses on only one income.

In spite of the fact that they were doing everything right, Jen and her family weren’t “moving the needle” on their finances. After years of frustration, Jen had a few Aha! moments that inspired her to become a personal finance coach and share the things the books don’t teach. Jen believes:

  • Money (and the emotions associated with it) is personal. There’s no one size fits all solution
  • Your money mindset is the foundation to your success with money
  • Everyone needs to be financially literate
  • You need to spend and save mindfully
  • You need to live fully with what you have right now

While she acknowledges that “his” money matters too, Jen felt she had a special perspective to share with women. Having started Her Money Matters a year ago, Jen has found building relationships with a podcast to be effective both from a business standpoint and as a way of sharing her knowledge.

Like an Ice Cream Shop Giving Samples

Just like those mini-spoons full of chocolate-almond-fudge or coconuts for caramel, your podcast gives you a chance to share something of value. Building relationships with a podcast is a great way to earn the trust of your audience. As Jen points out, personal finance is personal. Podcasting is personal too- your voice in your listener’s ear. Jen was drawn to podcasting because it’s easily consumable content, it creates intimate relationships with listeners (i.e. potential clients), because it’s a good medium for letting your personality shine and because it allows her to reach listeners all over the world.

Here’s What You’ll Hear

Jen is celebrating the one year anniversary of her podcast and she’s learned a few lessons along the way. Listen now to hear her share:

  • How a podcast can help with building trust among your listeners and growing a successful coaching business
  • Why you should commit to outsourcing
  • Seven different ways you can repurpose your podcast content
  • The costs involved in starting a podcast
  • How to apply a consistent structure to your podcast
  • Creative ways to celebrate the anniversary of your podcast
  • How to use your podcast and a contest to build a community
  • Strategies for keeping you Facebook group fresh and engaged


If you’re a her, and your money matters, you can check out Jen’s offerings at:

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