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#006 | Your Secret Source for a Never-ending List of Interesting Topics for Your Podcast

Date : January 28, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

How to attract new patients into your practice.Podcasting Veteran James Martell, and Digital Marketing Strategist Kimberly Juchnowski are tucked into their secret beach hut studio to continue their discussion of how you can use podcasting to increase your business and develop a passive income stream. Last week, they talked about how to use a podcast to leverage your time and scatter your brand all over the Internet. This week they’ll discuss choosing topics for your podcast and reveal a source of endless topics that is already at your fingertips. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage your knowledge of your customers into an endless list of topics for your podcast
  • How to position yourself as an expert in your field
  • How to get content into all of the places your customers are hanging out
  • A cost-effective, time saving technique to get your message out

And by the way, there’s an elephant in the room. Not really, but since it’s all about developing a lifestyle business that allows you to spend less time doing business and more time enjoying life, we’ll hear Kimberly talk about her travels in Thailand where she enjoyed thrilling adventures like riding an elephant while simultaneously earning passive income.

Meet the Muse

So where does inspiration come from? How can you think of ideas and what criteria should you use when selecting topics for your podcast? James and Kimberly will share the story of Martin Brother’s Funeral Homes, and will tell you how they went beyond the usual brainstorming to tap into an endless source of topics.

Martin Brother’s Funeral Homes, was well established in a neighboring province, but was expanding into a new market, and competition was fierce. So how do you approach the market if your business is…death? If a funeral home can come up with over 50 episodes (and become Kimberly’s favorite podcast, the podcast she has shared most and the one she most talks to her family about), then selecting topics for your show should be no problem!

James and Kimberly will offer examples and point out the resources you already have for choosing topics for your podcast.

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

James and Kimberly (and maybe even the turtle) know who you are. If you are a business owner, then few things are more important than knowing your customers. Knowing your clients is also the key to choosing topics for your podcast. In fact, if you own a business, then creating a profile of your typical client can be the source for an endless list of podcast topics.

Instant Expertise

James will also discuss how podcasting creates immediate credibility and will give a simple tip for creating a structure for your podcasts while simultaneously positioning you as an expert in your field.

James and Kimberly will teach you how to create your own podcast. Or you can tap into their Virtual Producer and let them do the heavy lifting. Either way, you’ll be leveraging your time by creating content for all of your digital marketing platforms.

Choosing topics for your podcast can be very intimidating, but you already have the resources you need. Click the play button to find out how you can tap into an endless source of topics for your podcast.