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#060 | How to Connect and Inspire a Worldwide Audience with a Podcast, with Megan Hall, Host of The Inspired Women Podcast

Date : January 25, 2018 Posted By :James Martell

How to Connect and Inspire a Worldwide Audience with Megan Hall, Host of The Inspired Women PodcastIn this episode of Podcasting Mastery, James Martell, tucked into the ‘Secret Beach Hut Studio’ talks with Megan Hall, women’s empowerment coach and host of “The Inspired Women Podcast”. James and Megan will be discussing how to connect and inspire a worldwide audience with a podcast of your own.

Through her roles as a women’s empowerment coach and motivational speaker, Megan helps female entrepreneurs, small business owners, and career driven women find clarity among their chaos. She teaches her clients life strategies that help them minimize their stress and maximize their joy.

Sharing Authentic Stories

Through her role as host of The Inspired Women Podcast, Megan connects her audience with inspirational women who share their real stories and chats about topics relevant to women today. She was sick of sugar coated BS stories. People do NOT have their stuff together, and she wanted to tell real stories – straight to the point with real issues including depression, anxiety, abuse and ANY issues that affect women today.

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How a Podcast Can Connect and Inspire a Worldwide Audience

Megan’s goal was to talk to women and help them, but soon realized that through podcasting, her message could have a whole new impact and reach a greater audience. Through her podcast she shares resources, and offers tools that can help women worldwide. She did not realize when she started what she was getting into or what kind of downloads could exist. She soon realized that having a podcast had a far greater reach than she imagined.

The Nuts and Bolts of Hosting Your Own Podcast

Megan says “It does not take a lot of money, but you need to be consistent. Pick a theme and just go with it”. Megan had the usual worries of not having enough of a following and considers herself a non-techie, but soon realized that there is plenty of help available online and she was quickly able to learn how to schedule guests, prepare for a show, record, edit, produce and distribute her podcast with ease.

Listen Now as Megan shares:

  • The reason she started her podcast
  • Why she wanted to discuss real topics that affect women today
  • The tools she gives so women do not feel hopeless or helpless
  • Her excuses for not getting the podcast started
  • Her system for scheduling podcast guests
  • Learning the podcasting system – recording, editing, production
  • How she shares the podcast on Social Media
  • How to connect and inspire a worldwide audience
  • The most surprising things that happened as a result of the podcast
  • The amazing reach of a podcast and how fast it can grow
  • What online guest booking calendar she uses
  • The online tool she could not live without
  • How she balances home life with business life


Megan’s Favorite Podcasts

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