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#045 | Creating a Digital Magazine and a Lifestyle Business with Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Tyler Basu

Date : July 27, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

Creating a Digital Magazine and a Lifestyle Business with Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Tyler BasuFrom the secret beach hut studio, Podcasting Veteran, James Martell continues his discussion of how you can use podcasting to work less, earn more and have more time to enjoy family, travel and the things that matter most. Kimberly is away today, but James is joined by Tyler Basu. Tyler is the perfect person to talk about developing a lifestyle business. You could almost say he wrote the book on it. Actually, he writes the magazine on it – Lifestyle Business Magazine, the ultimate resource for lifestyle entrepreneurs.

Like many entrepreneurs, Tyler was intrigued by Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He began working in various fields like network marketing, financial planning, promoting seminars and direct sales until he finally wound up selling real estate. He also launched his first podcast, Chatting With Champions, giving him the opportunity to interview over 100 entrepreneurs.

When Tyler started his family, he didn’t want to continue in real estate – too many working weekends. So he struck upon the idea of creating a digital magazine using the case studies of entrepreneurs he’d interviewed for his podcast. Tyler finds the world of digital publishing to be exciting and rewarding. Today he supports himself and his family by publishing the Lifestyle Business Magazine, supporting the magazine with a podcast and doing some content marketing work on the side.

Creating a Digital Magazine

Tyler recognized that he was not the only one out there with interest in developing a lifestyle business. In fact, he viewed competition as a good thing. It was an indication that there was an audience interested in the subject and that one could earn a living working in that area. So in 2015, he got to work creating a digital magazine by repurposing the content he had from his first podcast, Chatting With Champions.

By creating a digital magazine, Tyler established a source of ongoing income (subscriptions), made the most of his skills as a content marketer and created a way to grow his business while continuing to learn from successful, online entrepreneurs. He uses his current podcast, the Lifestyle Business Magazine Podcast to drive business to the Magazine.

Here’s What You’ll Hear

Tyler has learned some important lessons along the way, about marketing strategies, about interviewing and about the challenges of maintaining a business when you’ve just become a parent. Listen now to hear him describe:

  • The characteristics of lifestyle entrepreneurs
  • The optimal length for an interview
  • How to provide both structure and flexibility to your interview format
  • A launch strategy for getting onto iTunes’ New and Noteworthy
  • How push notifications can outperform email
  • Which should come first, the audience, the offer or the content
  • Strategies for balancing work and family (including why you need two monitors)


Along with where to find him, Tyler shares his online magazine, as well as some of his favorite tools:

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