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#050 | How to Triple Your Podcast Listenership Using Email & Web Push Marketing with Roy Weissman, VP Sales for SendPulse

Date : April 19, 2017 Posted By :James Martell

email marketing for podcastersFrom the secret beach hut studio, Podcasting Veteran James Martell continues his discussion of how you can use podcasting to work less, earn more, and have more time to enjoy family, travel, and the things that matter most. In this episode of Podcasting Mastery, James talks to Roy Weissman, VP for Sales for SendPulse, about email marketing for podcasters, and how a personalized approach can deliver big gains for your listenership.

SendPulse is an email marketing service that is designed to drive up your open rates. They do that with state-of-the-art customization tools that help you either start building an email list, or nurture an existing one. Roy explains to James some of the key features that set SendPulse apart and how those features drive open rates. They also discuss the new world of web push marketing and why it simply isn’t enough for podcasters to focus solely on iTunes numbers.

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Don’t Spend So Much Time on iTunes

Do you spend more time marketing your podcast on iTunes or on email? If you spend it on iTunes, consider this: iTunes can change at any moment, but with an email list, it’s always you who controls your audience. Throw in the fact that your email list can be used to drive iTunes traffic, and it’s a no-brainer. James and Roy discuss why email marketing for podcasters is absolutely key to driving audience growth.

Customization is King!

Every day, over 200 billion emails are sent, but barely 20% of them ever get opened. How can you ensure that your marketing emails are in that 20%? The answer is customization. Customers who have used SendPulse software have seen an increase in open rates of between 44 and 65%. Roy explains to James some of the key features of SendPulse that let you tailor your communications to exactly the right people in your list.

SendPulse doesn’t just do emails though; they also handle web push notifications through the same interface – and for FREE if you’re an email customer. James and Roy discuss what web push notifications are, how they’re different from emails or social media, and how they too can be customized using SendPulse.

Here’s What You’ll Hear

  • Why email marketing is the fastest way to increase podcast listenership
  • Deliverability of emails doesn’t matter…Open rates do!
  • How SendPulse uses advanced customization to help focus email activity on the right parts of your list
  • Why you shouldn’t spend so much time pushing iTunes
  • How to get started with web push notifications
  • How web push notifications can help your listeners access your show more easily
  • Migrating your existing list to SendPulse
  • Getting a new account set up with SendPulse


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