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#057 | Podcasting Your Way Around the World w/ FREE Hotels and Sightseeing w/ Ricky Shetty, Podcasting Nomad

Date : November 23, 2017 Posted By :James Martell

Getting Sponsorship for Travel w/ Ricky Shetty, Host of the Digital Nomad Mastery PodcastIn this episode of Podcasting Mastery, James Martell talks from the Secret Beach Hut Studio with Ricky Shetty, Host of the Digital Nomad Mastery Podcast, about “Podcasting Your Way Around the World with FREE Hotels, Transport, and Sightseeing Tours”. Ricky and his wife and three children are nearly 1 year into their way around-the-world “Daddy Blogger World Tour”. They are visiting Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Central America. Ricky travels around the world with his family, getting sponsorship for travel.

Ricky Shetty lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where he hosts a number of successful Vancouver-based Internet conferences, and is probably best known as the “Daddy Blogger”. He is the host of ‘Digital Nomad Mastery Podcast’. Ricky produced over 300+ podcasts episodes from different countries on his amazing journey and he’s monetizing his podcasts in different ways.

Getting Sponsorship for Travel

If you ever wondered how in the world you would be getting sponsorship for travel, just follow the footsteps and advice of Ricky. Ricky’s biggest piece of advice to become a podcasting nomad, is build up not just a blog or a podcast but build up a brand an online entity, an online following, a network. Ricky started his blog 5 years ago and has built up a successful following, a loyal and engaged audience. Now, he’s getting lot of global sponsors. Major cities like Paris, New York, London and others have their own tourism boards that have specific budgets allocated towards international media. So it’s all sponsored travel for podcasters and bloggers, you can get points and miles and subsidize your flights around the world.
Influencer marketing

Companies, brands and corporations, they’re now working with people called influencers and that’s a big hot term in internet marketing nowadays. These companies pay influencers who have audience and networks to actually market their products and services to that influencer’s network. It’s kind of word-of-mouth marketing rather than the company reaching out directly to the consumer. They’re using that middleman, that word of mouth marketer who is just an average person like any other. This type of marketing is called influencer marketing.

Hire a Podcasting Coach

Blogging has been around for quite a while but podcasting is still picking up of late. There exist 600 million blogs today versus 300,000 podcasts and which clearly says it’s time to start a podcast. However, compared to blogging, podcasting is a bit complicated. Lot of technical stuff is involved which can create headaches and loss of countless hours for these busy podcasters. So hiring a podcasting coach will drastically cut down podcasters time and energy.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Ricky routinely gets free hotels, transportation, sightseeing tours and even food and how you can do the same
  • Ricky’s round up talk of his tour from 16th December, 2016 starting with Philippines, then to Hong Kong, Dubai, South Africa and South America
  • How does Ricky manage the routine of his 3 kids while travelling with them full-time
  • How do you make money while travelling and how do you save money by travelling
  • How Ricky managed to record 300 podcasts from all those different countries, and none of them have been from home
  • How does Ricky manage to find the guests for his podcast episodes


You can connect with Ricky Shetty and learn more about getting sponsorship for travel with these resources (all will open in a new window):

You will find the two podcast episode referenced by Ricky here:

You will find Ricky’s course on getting sponsorship for travel on Udemy here:

You will find the two additional interviews with Ricky by James Martell’s Affiliate Buzz podcast here:

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