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#040 | Growing a Successful Coaching Business, and Podcasting for Coaches with Marc Mawhinney

Date : June 29, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

Growing a Successful Coaching Business, and Podcasting for Coaches with Marc MawhinneyOnce again, Podcasting Veteran, James Martell and Digital Marketing Strategist, Kimberly Juchnowski are nestled into the secret beach hut studio to continue their conversation about how you can develop a lifestyle business to work less, earn more and have more time for enjoying the family, travel and the things that matter most. This week, Marc Mawhinney joins them from the other side of Canada to discuss how podcasting can help in growing a successful coaching business.

Marc always had a deep down feeling that he wanted to help others. He felt that he was put here to make an impact, to help people improve their lives. Sound familiar? It’s the calling of a coach.

After many years as an entrepreneur, Marc began coaching small businesses. He created programs to use with his clients, established systems, printed business cards and launched his website. Then he waited for the clients to come. They didn’t! So he started prospecting, reaching out to people in my target market, but the results were slow and frustrating. So Marc began talking to people who were successful coaches to gain their insights and strategies. Then the light bulb went on. Marc realized that coaches could benefit from the experiences of other coaches. Why not share conversations with successful coaches, to give other coaches ideas on how to build a better business? He had been a podcast listener for years. Why not create a podcast for coaches?

Marc started the podcast Natural Born Coaches to interview successful coaches to get inside their heads and discover how they built, are improving, and growing their coaching businesses. He digs down to get to the ideas that you can immediately implement to improve as a coach – things like how to get more clients and referrals, how to be paid what you’re truly worth and how to avoid the stress and burnout that hit people in this industry. And it’s all done in a candid and entertaining format that will motivate and inspire you every day – a daily vitamin for your coaching business!

Are You Guilty of “Podcrastination”?

We’ve heard it before, and we’ll probably hear it again. You just need to get started. We’re not saying that you can’t prepare first. You might want to take a podcasting course – James offers one. Or you might want to use a podcasting coach – Marc used one. But in the end, you have to quit hemming and hawing and just get started. Jump in. Take action.

Keys to Growing a Successful Coaching Business

Marc is four-hundred and something episodes into his podcast. That means that’s he’s interviewed a lot of coaches and learned from their knowledge. You can tap into that wisdom as well. Click play to hear:

  • The biggest challenge you’ll face in growing a successful coaching business
  • The different niches where you can find a coach
  • The quickest way to get one-on-one coaching clients
  • How much is too much? How many episode you should you run per week?
  • The most important key to a successful podcast
  • The benefits of outsourcing (even to your brother)
  • Why you don’t need to worry about coming up with topics
  • Marc’s most important advice to new podcasters


Are you a coach? If so, you’ve seen the benefits of coaching, so why not let someone coach you. Or just listen to Marc’s twice per week show to get ideas and inspiration from other coaches.

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