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#032 | How Adrienne Dorison Ditched her 9-to-5, Eliminated Debt & Launched a Profitable Business (in Less than 12 Months)

Date : May 9, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

habits of successFrom the secret beach hut studio, Podcasting Veteran, James Martell and Digital Marketing Strategist, Kimberly Juchnowski continue their discussion of how you can use podcasting to develop a lifestyle business that lets you spend less time doing business and more time enjoying family, travel and the things that matter most.

This week they’re joined by “superhuman,” Adrienne Dorison. You might scoff at someone calling themselves a superhuman, but Adrienne actually earns the title. She started her own business while working full time for someone else. Through hard work, discipline and a commitment to her values, she was able to pay off $45,000 in student loan debt and quit her day job within a period of six months. Her formula for achieving results? Action plus discipline and consistency. Today, Adrienne hosts a two episode per week podcast, The School of Self-Mastery: Business, Money and Life, to help others develop their own habits of success.

Habits of Success

James asks Adrienne to list the habits of success. She should know. After all, she runs The School of Self-Mastery. She’s a triathlete. She paid off her student loans in six months. But Adrienne’s answer is surprising. In fact, she says that she created her podcast, in part to debunk the idea that there’s a simple list of the key habits of successful entrepreneurs. Each person has a unique road to success because each person has a unique definition of what success is.

Mindset Matters

Simply put, if you don’t believe something is possible, you won’t take the actions needed to make it happen. That’s why Adrienne recommends setting an identity goal before setting a performance goal. She’ll explain the difference between the two, and will describe the small steps you can take to build trust in yourself.

Adrienne recommends surrounding yourself with accomplished people. Not because she believes you’ll pick up their habits of success by osmosis, but because it provides your brain with definitive evidence that that level of success is possible. Soon you begin to see yourself as the kind of person who can achieve that kind of success. Adrienne will get you thinking about what success means for you.

Too Much of a Good Thing

When Adrienne began her podcast, she was putting out five shows per week. Now she’s scaled that down to two shows per week. However, Adrienne didn’t downsize because she couldn’t keep up the pace or because she ran out of material to share. She went down to two days per week because her audience couldn’t keep up with her! She has no shortage of useful information to share. Listen now to hear Adrienne explain:

  • The difference between being interested and being committed
  • Various ways to define success
  • Why mindset is so important
  • The difference between identity goals and performance goals
  • What it means to be “self-sponsored”
  • The one thing that’s more important than your iTunes ratings or your Facebook group
  • Why audio is a better medium than video


As always, we have links to Adrienne’s website and podcast, as well as a reminder about some great tools and past episodes you may have missed:

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