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#042 | How to Easily Attract New Podcast Listeners – for FREE with Ravi Jayagopal from KissMyRSS

Date : July 12, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

Attract New Podcast Listeners with Ravi Jayagopal, the Coolest Geek on the Planet!From the secret beach hut studio, Podcasting Veteran, James Martell continues to offer strategies for how you can developing recurring income, podcasting your way to financial freedom and having more time to enjoy family, travel and the things that matter most. Kimberly is a way today, but James is joined by Ravi Jayagopal to discuss how to attract new podcast listeners.

Ravi has been on the show before. He was with James and Kimberly in Episode #029 to discuss membership sites for podcasters. At that time, Ravi was telling us about Digital Access Pass (DAP), his WordPress plug-in that makes it easy to monetize your podcast with recurring subscriptions. Today, he’ll talk about his newest creation – designed to create a level playing field to help new podcasters attract new podcast listeners.

Ads Can Only Take You So Far

When was the last time you actually watched a TV commercial? (During the Super Bowl doesn’t count.) Sometime before the advent of the DVR, perhaps? As we and our gadgets get smarter, we’ll find more and more ways to skip over the ads. That’s why you need to create something of value and become your own best advertisement.

Here’s where membership sites come in. Life coaches, business coaches, health coaches, anyone offering ongoing consulting services can create a membership site to “drip” out their content. So why not membership sites for podcasters? You can use content dripping to reinforce the messages you’re promoting on your show, to keep listeners engaged between episodes and funnel clients in for more sales and higher revenue.


The rich get richer in podcasting. Podcasting is not viral by nature. It doesn’t easily lend itself to recommendation because when listeners are consuming your show, they’re probably doing something else as well – washing the dishes, staining the deck, going for a jog or waiting in traffic.

The fact that listeners can multitask is what makes podcasting such a great medium. But it also means that if you’re not Tim Ferriss or Shaquille O’Neal getting started, getting those first few hundred downloads, is going to be tough. Enter Ravi. He’s created a way to level the playing field, a way to give a new podcast (your podcast) the same chance of being heard as Shaquille O’Neal.

Of course, you still have to do your homework. Practice some “instant marketing”. Get the message out there about what your show is about in the first 30 seconds. Squeeze in that Call to Action right up front. See what you can do hook the drive-by listener.

Click play to hear how Ravi’s latest creation will help you:

  • Increase your number of downloads
  • Attract new podcast listeners
  • Increase email subscribers
  • Sell more products and services
  • Become a better marketer and a better podcaster


If necessity is the mother of invention, then Ravi’s the father. (No offense to Ravi’s wife.)! When he can’t find what he wants, he makes it! You can learn about membership sites for podcasters by listening to Ravi’s podcast, grab his content-dripping WordPress plug-in to automate your membership site and check out his Cool Cast Player. And yes, you can Kiss Ravi’s RSS:

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