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#021 | Podcasting Your Way to Freedom with Kevin Koskella of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast

Date : March 24, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

How to Develop a Passive Income PodcastingToday Podcasting Veteran, James Martell and Digital Marketing Strategist, Kimberly Juchnowski continue their discussion of building a lifestyle business so that you can spend more time enjoying travel and family by talking with Kevin Koskella of The Freedom Lovin’ Podcast. Kevin loves travel, loves fitness and doesn’t like to be tied down. He doesn’t like to be told what to do either. He calls himself unemployable. So the opportunity to develop a passive income podcasting was the perfect solution for this freedom lovin’ guy.

Kevin Koskella was a competitive swimmer living in a tiny apartment in Sydney when he began reading How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World, by Harry Browne. Since then, he’s been obsessed by the idea of freedom. Kevin’s definition of freedom is broad. It includes not only financial freedom (like the kind you can get when develop a passive income podcasting), but also philosophical freedom. Kevin says he’s a fairly introverted guy, but that he always believed he could express himself on the radio, making podcasting the perfect medium. Kevin’s show, The Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, explores the fun of being free – travel, business options for achieving freedom and what freedom really means.

Along with sharing his personal story, Kevin will share how he formats his show (blog-style lists as well as interviews), where he finds topics and guests and what he would do differently if he could start all over again. And Kevin doesn’t like to work for free (no passion projects here!), so he’ll talk about monetizing his show.

Would You Like to Be Unemployable?

Are you skeptical as to whether or not it could really happen? Are there really people who live on passive income? Yes, there are. As a matter of fact, Kevin describes how because of his love of, and insistence on, total freedom, he’s become completely unemployable. James and Kimberly suspect that they are unemployable too.

Being unemployable affords Kevin a lot of freedom. He and Kimberly slip into reminiscing about Bali, a place where, according to Kevin, it feels like nothing really matters. Kimberly describes it as feeling like stepping into a dream.

The Keys to Freedom

James and Kimberly have already told you how to syndicate your podcast to reach a massive audience. Kevin offers a few more tips you can use to develop a passive income podcasting so that you too can become unemployable. Listen now to hear:

  • Three great books that inspired Kevin to pursue his freedom lovin’ lifestyle
  • The difference between being self-employed and owning an internet business
  • How to get ideas for topics from your subscribers
  • Little things you can do to get your podcast ranked
  • Tips for building a membership site
  • How you can combine two very different disciplines to create content that really stands out
  • How to target your audience, book the right guests and really rock on your first five shows


Kevin has not one, but two podcasts. Of course, one of them is probably only relevant if you’re preparing for a triathlon. Who knows? You might decide to do just that with all the free time you’ll have after you’ve developed a passive monthly income!

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