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#014 | Business Coaches and Consultants: How to Harness the Power of a Podcast to Land New Clients

Date : February 25, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

How a Health and Wellness Coach Can Use Podcasting to Become a Trusted Expert “My podcast changed my relationship with prospects and clients.” Those words were not spoken by James Martell or Kimberly Juchnowski, but by Ed Keay-Smith, who joined James and Kimberly last week to talk about his Internet marketing podcast, The Business Marketing Show.

James and Kimberly were so impressed by what Ed had to say that this week they decided to hunker down in the secret beach hut studio to revisit the interview. In previous episode, they discussed how podcasting is a great marketing strategy for health and wellness coaches. This week, they’ll explore how an Internet marketing podcast can help top business coaches and consultants land new clients.

Here, There and Everywhere

If you’ve listened to previous episodes, you’ve heard James ask guests if they prefer a PC or a Mac (and James isn’t shy about sharing his opinion!). But this week, he’ll spend some time talking about the prominent place of the podcasting app in some new Apple products like the iPhone 6 and Apple TV. There are even devices embedded into the dashboard of new cars (Apple Car Play and Android Auto) so you can listen to the best business podcasts as you drive home from work (or home from the beach if you’ve succeeded in building a lifestyle business).

And those who are anti-Mac need not fear, Google Android is right there too. Only pioneers like James can say they started podcasting before there was such a thing as a podcast. However, as both James and Kimberly point out, podcasting is a big thing, that is posed to get way bigger! Imagine, a podcast player in every pocket, in every car…

Show Me the Money

When Ed talked to James and Kimberly from Australia, he mentioned that advertising was not one of his key motives for starting his podcasts. Furthermore, unlike many small business podcasts, Ed doesn’t use sponsors to monetize his show.

James and Kimberly will discuss the reasons Ed gave for starting The Business Marketing Show, with his co-host, Brendan Tully. Time saving, authority building, getting your brand out into the marketplace, there are many advantages to podcasting, but perhaps the most important is that podcasting helps you land new clients. Kimberly offers up a staggering statistic about just how many listeners get converted into customers.

Pulling out the Pearls

Ed Keay-Smith had so many good things to say that James and Kimberly decided to dedicate a whole other show to analyzing his pearls of wisdom. Click play to hear:

  • All the new places and devices that are designed for podcasts
  • How to create the ultimate business card
  • The key to a shorter sales cycle
  • The one marketing strategy that provides the best return on investment
  • Four great reasons for starting an Internet marketing podcast
  • How to monetize your podcast without having sponsors
  • How to save time on explaining your services to prospects and clients


This week James and Kimberly recommend going back and listening to some previous episodes you may have missed. They particularly want to make sure that you heard from some of their guests who run phenomenally successful podcasts:

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