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#061 | How to Hit the Eject Button On Your Career with Josh Stanton, Co-host of the Screw the Nine to Five Podcast

Date : February 1, 2018 Posted By :James Martell

How to Hit the Eject Button On Your Career with Josh Stanton, Co-host of Screw the Nine to Five PodcastIn this episode of Podcasting Mastery, James Martell, tucked into the ‘Secret Beach Hut Studio’ talks with Josh Stanton, co-host of Screw the Nine to Five Podcast, and today and we are going to be talking about “how to hit the eject button on your career”.

Josh says the screw the nine to five was always a part of his life. After University, hating what he was doing, his dad asked “if he was happy?”. Then told Josh he gave him permission to have the kind of lifestyle he wanted to have. He wanted freedom and to call his own shots. He started learning new skills for the future which included building some businesses in the affiliate world. Today he helps unsatisfied entrepreneurs get more out of their life and business.

Building Your Brand To Achieve The Lifestyle You Want

It all started back in 2012 when thinking about what they wanted their business to be like and they came up with, It’s kind of like “screw the nine to five”. From there, they traveled and started to create content around their travels and lifestyle. They quickly figured out who they needed to target and how to create products that their lifestyle entrepreneurs would buy. Today Josh is excited to get up and get to work and not be bothered with the alarm clock and off to work to get security.

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Yikes: Lessons Learned From Stopping The Podcast

Josh wanted a lifestyle show for entrepreneurs. He quickly learned what to focus on to attract listeners, but made a critical mistake when he stopped his podcast. He immediately noticed that they lost a strong affinity with their audience. As soon as they starting up again, they got great feedback, and their business starting improving and growing again. He now sees podcasting as a tool for having listeners trust you and do business with you. Josh explains what people really want when they listen to their podcast and how to book guests.

Want to Leave Your Nine to Five?

Want to learn how to hit the eject button on your career? It is a dream for a lot of people, but you do not want to start a business out of stress and being afraid to run out of money. Josh shares the top 3 strategies that he recommends to anyone who wants to leave their nine to five, but do not know where to start.

Listen Now as Josh shares:

  • Who they created the Screw the Nine to Five podcast is for
  • How to hit the eject button on your career
  • Creating a brand for your business
  • How stopping his podcast negatively affected his revenue
  • Why podcasting is a tool for having listeners trust you and do business with you
  • How a podcast can fit into your current business
  • 3 strategies for getting ready to leave the nine to five
  • Some lessons he picked up from his podcast
  • Vetting guests to give the best information for listeners


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