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#046 | Basecamp – The Smarter, Faster, Easier Way to Manage a Successful Podcast

Date : August 2, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

Basecamp - How to to Manage a Podcast with Ease.From the secret beach hut studio, Podcasting Veteran, James Martell continues his discussion of how you can use podcasting to work less, earn more and have more time to enjoy family, travel and the things that matter most. If you’ve followed James, you know he does a lot. Along with Podcasting Mastery, James is also the host of The Affiliate Buzz, which recently celebrated its 13th anniversary. That’s quite an accomplishment when you consider that the average podcast fades away after only seven episodes. So how does James consistently put out two great shows and still have time to swim the turtles? Today James will share his secret for managing a successful podcast. It involves a virtual team and an online project management tool called BaseCamp.

Basecamp - How to to Manage a Podcast with Ease.James didn’t always know how to manage a podcast. In fact, there was a time when he had to regularly hold “Where the heck are we at” meetings to try to track his team’s progress. Has the show been edited? Has the guest for the next show been booked? Which version of the artwork is the most recent? Discovering BaseCamp has allowed him to avoid all that confusion and consistently produce a podcast for over 13 years. Listen to this episode to hear:

  • The two biggest reasons podcasts fail and the secret to avoiding podfade
  • How to hire your perfect virtual team
  • How to systemize production and distribution of your podcast
  • Step by step instructions for using BaseCamp to produce, distribute and archive podcast episodes

How to Manage a Podcast using BaseCamp

James will describe the features available in BaseCamp (discussions, to dos, files, text docs, events and progress) and how you can those features to manage all of the tasks of producing and distributing your podcast, including:

  • Finding and scheduling guests
  • Developing your show outline
  • Managing audio files of your show
  • Getting SEO friendly show notes written for each episode
  • Uploading your show to your website and your social media outlets
  • Distributing your show to the podcasting directories
  • Sending your show out to your email list
  • Archiving completed episodes

James doesn’t do all of that work himself. He has a whole team including an audio editor, a writer and most importantly a virtual assistant to help him. And he no longer has to hold those “Where the heck are we at” meetings. Everything related to every episode is stored in BaseCamp. Recordings (edited and not) are uploaded as audio files, show notes are attached, all of the procedures are stored as text docs. BaseCamp even sends out email updates to the members of his team so they know what tasks they need to be doing. In a word, BaseCamp manages the podcast so James doesn’t have to.

BaseCamp is easy to use. James recommends new users watch some of their short (one minute) video tutorials. He’ll also share his strategies for getting team members on board and into the habit of using BaseCamp.

James’ Books

Other Resources

Along with some helpful links, James has also prepared a workbook to teach you how to manage a podcast, as well as a booklet to assist you in finding and hiring your virtual dream team:

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