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#071 | How to See All of Your iTunes Reviews from All 155 Countries with Ravi Jayagopal, Host of SubscribeMe.FM

Date : July 29, 2018 Posted By :James Martell

How to See All of Your iTunes Reviews from All 155 Countries with Ravi JayagopalIn this episode of Podcasting Mastery, James Martell, tucked into the ‘Secret Beach Hut Studio’ talks with Ravi Jayagopal, Host of the SubscribeMe.FM podcast about a how to see all of your iTunes reviews from all 155 countries.

If you want to build social proof and therefore increase your listener base and downloads for your podcast, listen as Ravi shares the tips you need to share your iTunes reviews on social media.

How to Build Social Proof Through iTunes Reviews

If you have a podcast, and a stranger is looking at several shows and trying to decide which one to listen to, you need social proof, which tells people what other people think of you. If you have a podcast with great reviews, it automatically sets you apart, and those reviews help you win over the subscriber.

Ravi explains that If you have iTunes reviews, when you login, you see everything based on the country you log in from. You do not see them all, but explains how to view ALL the reviews from all the other countries.

How to Easily Share iTunes Reviews

Ravi has a product that lets you easily see the reviews, sort by “5-stars”,and share them on social media, complete with titles and images, without all the road blocks found in iTunes. Extracting that data, now allows you to do a lot of things with these reviews because you have them in text form, and use these reviews in so many places.

Ravi and his wife are expert app developers, creating powerful software that are used by anyone in the internet marketing space. He discusses many of the products that they have developed, how they work, what they are used for, and where you can find them. Some of them are free, give you instant analysis, and are easily shared from your podcast to others socially. He talks about how the use the embed code of your podcast to your advantage.

How to Monetize your Podcast with a Membership Area

Ravi talked at length in a previous Podcasting Mastery episode about this membership plugin for WordPress that podcasters can use to monetize their website. He explains how important it is to monetize your content, and ways you can do that. Digital Access Pass (DAP) allows you to set up private members, anywhere a login is required, and run it all efficiently and smoothly.

Listen as he also discusses a suite of plugins he developed around Digital Access Pass that work with audio, media, sign-ups, shopping cart platforms and much more that reflect what your buyers really want.

Why You Should Add a Membership Area?

If you have an opt-in offer, try this instead. Ravi explains why he thinks you should not just send out an email through AWeber or similar. Put them into a membership area where they become a part of something special. Now they are part of your community which gives you a whole different personal experience, and you can offer bonus content, special offers, upgrades and much more.

Listen Now as Ravi shares:

  • How to how to build social proof with iTunes Reviews
  • How to easily share iTunes reviews on other platforms
  • Amazing software anyone can use to improve their business
  • How to dramatically improving the shareability and look of your podcast player
  • How the use the embed code of your podcast to your advantage.
  • Why you should consider having a Membership Area

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