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#067 | Creating a “Live Anywhere” Lifestyle Business with Daniel Carbonel, Host of the “Wake Up to Freedom” Podcast

Date : April 26, 2018 Posted By :James Martell

How to Start a Lifestyle Business - Work Anywhere, Live AnywhereIn this episode of Podcasting Mastery, James Martell, tucked into the ‘Secret Beach Hut Studio’ talks with Daniel Carbonel, Host of the “Wake Up to Freedom” podcast, to talk about how to start a lifestyle business and creating a “work from anywhere, live from anywhere” life for yourself.

If a lifestyle business has been a dream for you, where you can live anywhere, work from anywhere, this how to start a lifestyle business podcast covers many of the answers to questions you may have.

James talks about the early years, and making the decision to work from home and all the advantages and many benefits the family was able to enjoy over the years. He talks about this as being the turning point for the business, and all the many amazing trips the family has been able to enjoy as a family, including a 3-week road trip on the West Coast, Oregon coast, San Francisco, California Redwoods, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Huntington Beach, a 3-week road trip on the East Coast, exploring Florida, Disney World, 10-day Caribbean Cruise, San Diego, Miami, Maui (3x), Disneyland (7x), Germany, Spain, Cuba, Las Vegas (35x), Memphis (Graceland), New York (3x), Chicago (6x), Austin, Montreal (5x), Denver and others, plus tons of 2-5 day breakations.

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Would You Mind Showing Me How to Please Do The Same?

Daniel is starting off on the same journey James and Arlene started about 20 years ago. Working as a high-end waiter, someone asked him “What is Plan B”? This awakened something in Daniel to start this journey of seminars, coaching and finding a mentor. The first sale created a “spark” as he then knew he could make money online. He is excited to show everyone what is possible and talks about his fear of doing a podcast with an accent being from Peru.

Daniel knew he desired this lifestyle, and talks about how working with the Disney cruise line, fulfilling a travel dream, made him a better person. They talk about how to start a lifestyle business that is not geographically fixed, with no stress of products, staff and daily business worries.

Starting the “Wake Up to Freedom” Podcast

This was an awakening for Daniel to know he had it in himself to change his body, and could also change his mindset. He wanted to wake up the possibility for people to get that “Spark” and make a change in their own lives. Daniel talks about how important it is to have James as a coach to give him direction so he was not “shooting blind”. He says, “If you want to build it faster and better, get a coach”.

How to Start a Lifestyle Business

James talks about the 7 Key Elements of a “Live Anywhere, Work Anywhere” lifestyle business. These are the absolute essential checklists to go through to make sure you will succeed online. They talk about digital products and how to manage the business and hiring professional freelancers who can greatly assist you in areas you are not an expert at. Daniel talks about what he pays his VA, and what she does to make his life easier.

How to Earn $5,000 a Month

James talks about services with high profit margins that are high in demand. He talks about how we focus on the local marketplace, dealing with business owners who have no clue how to get found and succeed online. The Internet has completely changed the dynamics of advertising. They discuss the costs of franchises verses starting your own online company, which hits all of the 7 Key Elements discussed.

Daniel discusses time freedom when managing his own business, and having the lifestyle he desires without the stress and commute. He loves that having a team from other parts of the world, and the work is being done while he sleeps.

Selling Basic Web Services to Local Business Owners

The SmarterLocal Marketing agency program is one of the ways Daniel can assist a business owner attract local customers. This simple strategy is so easy and so impactful for the business. It is complicated for them, they don’t have time and they want someone to manage it for them. James shares what this program entails and how you can be a part of it, owning your own SmarterLocal business. He talks about the many different revenue generating avenues to make money, and the tools to do so.

Listen to learn:

  • The 7 Key Elements of a “live anywhere, work anywhere” lifestyle business
  • How employing low cost professionals can help you tremendously
  • Why business owners are losing ground attracting new customers
  • How to start a lifestyle business with little upfront money
  • How to have your own SmarterLocal business to service local business owners
  • How taking a “leap of faith” can change your entire life path
  • How working with a mastermind group is invaluable to grow your business

James wraps up the session with an invitation for you to reach out for a grand tour of his SmarterLocal Marketing Agency program by phone 1 (604) 542-0747 or email at helpdesk@jamesmartell.com.


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