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#022 | Harness the Power of Automation and Syndication to Give You a Massive Reach with an Audio Broadcast Network

Date : March 28, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

How to Syndicate Your PodcastOnce again, we join Podcasting Veteran, James Martell and Digital Marketing Strategist, Kimberly Juchnowski in the secret beach hut studio. This week James will discuss how to syndicate your podcast so that you can reach a massive audience. Since the goal is to work less so you have more time to enjoy travel, family and the things that make life worth living – you can count on James and Kimberly to offer solutions that are within your reach. They told you about setting up a low cost podcasting studio. They told you about seven awesome podcasting tools the cost less than $30 each. So you can rest assured that when they talk podcast syndication, they’re going to make things easy.

Podcasting is the best-performing online engagement tool. In fact, the number of podcast listeners has doubled since 2003. Setting up an Audio Broadcast Network will get your podcast in front of the largest possible audience, with the least possible effort. Imagine hitting publish and having your show will automatically upload to the various podcasting directories, to your website and to your social media accounts.

The Low Down on Downloads

You’re learning to syndicate your podcast so you can reach more listeners, but how do you know how many people are actually hearing your show? Downloads are easy to count, but not everyone who downloads your show will listen to it. And, as Kimberly testifies, not everyone who listens, downloads.

Once you learn how to syndicate your podcast, James and Kimberly will tell what tools to use to really know who your audience is. They could be people downloading your show to listen to while they work out. Or they could be live streaming your show using one of the many new WiFi in the car devices. Finding out who your audience is will help you know how to convert them into paying customers.

Don’t Forget the Show Notes!

James has a sad story to tell about searching in iTunes for a friend’s podcast. He knew the name of the show. He knew the name of his friend. But he couldn’t find the podcast in iTunes, which is one reason it’s important to have some SEO-friendly show notes. And SEO isn’t just for Google anymore. James will explain how keywords are used by podcast directories, as well.

There are various options for creating text to support your podcast – summary paragraphs, transcripts and show notes. James and Kimberly will tell you why show notes are your best option.

Hears What You’ll Hear

Click play to hear James and Kimberly tell you:

  • The Power of One – How to focus in on what you’re good at and automate the rest
  • How to get started on creating your Audio Broadcast Network
  • Why you need Show Notes and what they should include
  • How your Show Notes can help you monetize your show
  • How to know how many people are listening to your show


In case you missed an episode (it happens to the best of us, even to Kimberly), Kimberly wanted to recommend a couple of past shows:

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