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#023 | Heather Osgood – A Specialist in Connecting Podcasters with Paid Sponsors

Date : March 31, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

Making Money Podcasting by Connecting with the Right Advertisers and SponsorTwelve year podcasting Veteran, James Martell and Digital Marketing Strategist, Kimberly Juchnowski join us from the secret beach hut studio to talk about one of their favorite topics – making money podcasting. This week they’re joined by Heather Osgood. Heather is the host of the Leap to Grow podcast. Surprisingly however, that’s not what James and Kimberly want to talk to her about. Heather is also the founder of True Native Media– a leading-edge business that specializes in connecting podcasters with paid sponsors.

Heather Osgood is a serial entrepreneur, who likes to live outside her comfort zone and push for continual self-improvement. Having a deep background in both media (she worked in the radio and newspaper industries for years) and Advertising Sales, Heather was surprised to discover how little advertising there was on the podcasts she listened to. So she started a business to find advertisers and sponsors for quality podcasts.

Love That’s Real Will Not Fade Away

Ever go to listen to your favorite podcast and discover that it’s not there, not anywhere, just suddenly gone? It can be a bit heartbreaking if it’s a podcast you really love. Heather will tell James and Kimberly her theories on why podcasts fade away. Then she goes on to suggest that podcasters have a responsibility (to themselves and their listeners) to make sure they don’t fall into these traps. Heather suspects that a lot of people could be making money podcasting, but when they fail to connect with advertisers and sponsors, they get discouraged and quit doing their shows.

Making Money Podcasting

Do podcasts make money? Yes! As a matter of fact, James will open this episode by reviewing various strategies for monetizing your podcast. One of those strategies is, of course, advertising. Successful podcasters have committed, niche audiences – something advertisers crave. That’s where Heather comes in. She’ll tell us what she considers to be the markers of a quality podcast (one that she can sell advertisers on). Then she’ll explain how she goes about getting to know your podcast, your business and your advertising needs.

Once she has all of that in place, Heather works to connect podcasters with sponsors and advertisers that fit. After all, you wouldn’t want to give a testimonial for a product you didn’t really believe in. Heather makes sure you won’t have to.

Like James and Kimberly, Heather wants you to be making money podcasting. That’s why she shares so much great information in this episode. Click play to hear:

  • Five different strategies for monetizing your podcast
  • The top reasons for pod fading and how to avoid them
  • How to connect with advertisers and sponsors if you have less than 5,000 downloads per month
  • The two most important things a podcaster should look for in an advertiser
  • The three things an advertiser looks for in a podcaster
  • Where and how often to place ads in your show
  • How long an ad should remain on your show
  • How to insert ads into past episodes
  • How much you can expect to earn from podcast advertising


Heather loves business and loves podcasts. She’s committed to helping ensure her clients are making money podcasting. So along with the usual links to a podcast and a report, we also have a link to Heather’s business.

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