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#029 | Membership Sites and Subscriptions for Podcasters, Ravi Jayagopal, the Coolest Geek on the Planet!

Date : April 25, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

Membership Sites for Podcasters, Ravi Jayagopal, the Coolest Geek on the Planet!From the secret beach hut studio, Podcasting Veteran, James Martell and Digital Marketing Strategist, Kimberly Juchnowski continue their discussion of how you can develop a lifestyle business that allows you the freedom to focus on family, travel and the things that matter most in life. This week, they’ll talk about monetizing your podcast with recurring subscriptions with Ravi Jayagopal, “the coolest geek on the planet.”

Ravi created his first website in 1997 when his wife was pregnant and he couldn’t fin a website with Indian baby names. He has remained a pioneer, always on the cutting edge of digital marketing. Ravi consults with thousands of clients helping them to create profitable, online businesses using membership sites and recurring subscriptions. But he doesn’t just coach, he creates. He invented the concept, and coined the term, “Content Dripping”. He also created the first-ever WordPress membership plugin, Digital Access Pass, that allows you to “drip content” to your members. Ravi’s podcast, Subscribeme.fm focuses on making, marketing and monetizing digital content using membership sites and recurring subscriptions. Who better to tell us about the many possibilities of membership sites for podcasters?

Beyond all that, Ravi’s a good guy. Remembering his humble beginning, he gives over $100,000 a year to help children in Indian who live in extreme poverty.

Why Membership Sites for Podcasters?

Because DOSAA is better than DOGPOO. Well, obviously. Dog poo stinks. That’s why they call it poo. But in this case, Ravi is using DOGPOO to describe a sales structure where you create content and get paid for it only once. Kind of a drag. Starting a membership site means that you can create that same content and get paid for it again and again. Ravi will tell you how to create a “table of contents” that will define the content that you can drip out to your members. He’ll even tell you how non-digital businesses can benefit from creating a membership site.

From Someone Who Knows

Ravi’s been in this business for a while (remember 1997?), so along with some crazy stories about how things worked “back in the day”, he’s got a lot of useful information to share. Click play to hear:

  • The advantages of membership sites for podcasters (even if you don’t have a subscription to sell)
  • Why you should use WordPress
  • The difference between DOGPOO and DOSAA
  • The thing that will keep inspiring you to make better products and services
  • What to look for in a membership software program
  • Why you don’t want to have your first eight shows ready before you launch your podcast
  • What “content dripping” is
  • Why Ravi created his own podcast player


We’ve got plenty of resources for you this week because whenever Ravi can’t find what he wants, he makes it! So along with his podcast telling you how to market and monetize your content with membership sites and subscriptions, we’ve also got links to Ravi’s WordPress plug-in to automate your membership site as well, as his Cool Cast Player. (Yeah, why do podcast players have to be ugly?) And of course, James has some information to share as well.

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