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#036 | How to Organize Killer Podcast Cover Art in Minutes — Especially If You Are Not a Graphic Designer

Date : June 10, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

Podcast Artwork Specs - Organize Cover Art in MinutesPodcasting Veteran, James Martell and Digital Marketing Strategist, Kimberly Juchnowski are tucked into the secret beach hut studio to continue their discussion of how you can develop a lifestyle business that allows you to spend less time doing business and more time enjoying your family, more time traveling, and more time doing all of the things that matter most.

Normally on this show, we talk about things you hear; about guests and intros and audio advertisements. We talk about the sound of your voice and virtual audio producers, but this week we’re switching it up to talk about the visual side of your podcast- your cover art. It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Of course, it depends on the the picture. James and Kimberly will spell out podcast artwork specs and will share design tips for creating truly stunning podcast cover art.

Surprisingly, a lot of great podcasts don’t have great cover art. There are a lot of things to consider – how many words can be crammed onto that small icon? Should you hire a professional photographer to take a head shot or will that photo from five years ago work just fine? Where should you go for examples of great podcast cover art? What are podcast artwork specs? It can be tempting, because of crunches in time or money, to just make something yourself. But homemade graphics tend to look homemade. So assuming that you’re not a graphic designer, where do you find someone who is? How do you go about hiring them? And what do you need to tell them about your podcast so that they can produce the cover art you need?

There’s More to Great Artwork than Meets the Eye

Your artwork is the first thing people see, the first impression they get of your show. It can either work for you or against you. In this episode, James and Kimberly have lots of tips for creating your podcasting artwork including:

  • Podcast artwork specs
  • The three biggest mistakes podcasters make with their artwork
  • All the different places (and devices) where your artwork will be seen
  • Where to get ideas for your podcast artwork
  • Where to go to hire a graphic designer
  • The six things you need to supply for your graphic designer
  • A podcast cover art checklist
  • The reason you need large, high resolutions photos (podcast artwork size for iTunes is 3,000 x 3,000 pixels) and where to get them
  • An example of an awesome photo from a previous guest on the show

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James has put together a useful checklist that you can use for getting your podcast artwork right. We also have links to a site you can use to hire a graphic designer and a report telling you what you need to create a successful podcast.

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