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#028 | If Your Podcast Getting Bogged Down Because of “Time” or “Technical” Issues …Hire a Virtual Producer!

Date : April 18, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

podcast production servicesPodcasting Veteran, James Martell comes to us from the secret beach hut studio to share the secrets of his podcasting success. James has the most successful podcast in the affiliate marketing business, and his been doing that podcast for 13 years- that’s over 400 episodes. And in those 13 years, James has missed less than one episode per year.

Compare that with this sad statistic: The average podcaster does seven episodes and then disappears. Their show simply fades away to nothing. That’s a shame. Not only are they missing out on a great marketing tool that could be bringing in up to 80% of their clients, but they’re also failing to capitalize on all the work they did to put out those first seven episodes.

So why has James been so successful when so many other podcasts fade? It’s not because he’s super organized. Nor is he super techy. (In fact, James would completely deny both of those qualities.) The secret is that all those years ago, James and his colleague (someone who in today’s terms would be called a podcast producer) set up a system to make producing the show easy.

What’s in a Podcast?

If you’re a podcast listener, you know that podcasts usually have a host, possibly a co-host and often an interesting guest. But listen closely and you’ll notice a few more things, an intro and an “outro”, an occasional advertisement. And there are a lot of things you don’t hear, ums and ahs and coughs and sneezes. It’s not that those things don’t happen. They do. And they get recorded. So someone has to come along later and removes the gaffs and pauses and makes everything sound like it was recorded in a professional studio, not a beach hut.

Then there’s the show notes. They have to be written to be enticing to humans, but written with SEO in mind.

And then you have to publish…and distribute to all of those different podcasting directories.

Hmm. Having a podcast is starting to sound like a lot of work. It’s understandable that so many podcasters throw in the towel after seven episodes. The trick to keep from getting bogged down in technical issues and running out of time is simple – get some help.

What Can Podcast Production Service Do for You?

James explains how a podcast production service can do everything from editing the audio to ensure professional quality production to distributing and promoting your show on all the podcasting directories. Listen now to hear:

  • How you can put out a professional podcast in just one hour per week
  • The secret to consistency
  • The reason James has been so successful with The Affiliate Buzz
  •  What kinds of podcast production services are available
  • The benefits of using a virtual producer
  • Using your virtual producer to oversee your writer

It’s so easy; James says he literally just has to show up. That only leaves one question – what will you do with all of your spare time?


You’ve come to the right place! Who would be a better resource for podcast production services than someone who’s been podcasting consistently for 13 years? James knows what you need to put out a successful podcast and makes those tools available to you here:

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