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#038 | Matt Frary, Why Podcasters Are the New Influencers, and 3 Strategies to Skyrocket Revenues

Date : June 21, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

Matt Frary, Why Podcasters Are the New InfluencersPodcasting Veteran, James Martell and Digital Marketing Strategist, Kimberly Juchnowski are nestled into the secret beach hut studio to continue their conversation about how you can develop a lifestyle business to work less, earn more and have more time for enjoying the things that matter most. This week, they’re joined by the self-proclaimed “Chief of Chaos” Matt Frary.

Matt fits right in with the values espoused here at Podcasting Mastery. Like James he loves Hawaii (Kauai is his favorite island), and like Kimberly he loves Thailand. He ski’s and plays with his gigantic dogs and even spent the last weekend taking a selfie with the triple-crown winning horse, American Pharoah.

He achieves that lifestyle by leveraging his 15 years of online marketing and customer lead generation. From his early days placing ads for luggage on travel blogs, Matt learned the power of affiliate marketing. He went on to become the founder and CEO of SmarterChaos, and to realize his true potential as “Chief of Chaos”.

Matt has a Bachelor’s in marketing and business from the University of Colorado, with concentrations in Russian, finance and brand marketing. He has an MBA from Thunderbird Graduate School and is sought after speaker on pay for performance marketing, lead generation and ethical marketing practices.

James and Matt are old-timers. They like to lean back in their rocking chairs and spin a yarn about how things used to be way back in the …90s and early 2000s. Seriously though, it’s the fast moving pace of technology that makes podcasters the new influencers. People are always streaming. Podcast players are built into cars. Matt will tell us why he thinks audio content is the way to go and will also describe the marketing model that’s fit for the times. And, of course, Matt is the host of a podcast – Chaos Makes Sense.

What’s that Glow?

Having a podcast has given Matt a halo. He doesn’t literally have an aura, but he is getting glowing results from associating with other leaders in his industry. They want to be guests and the show and it’s a win for both parties. They get exposure and Matt gets increased credibility and brownie points for being the “good guy” that’s pushing the industry forward.

Learning from Chaos

Matt is able to enjoy all the fun things he does now because he learned some great lessons about earning revenue without being tied to a desk, or any geographic location. He’ll share his expertise to help you get started in pay for performance marketing:

  • Why traditional radio-style sponsorship is an outdated model
  • Pay for performance revenue models including pay per call, coupons and promo codes
  • Steps for getting started as a pay for performance media partner
  • Why podcasters are on the forefront of today’s media
  • Why Matt started the Chaos Makes Sense Podcast (other than pressure from James)
  • How his podcast drives his sales
  • Why he “rebooted” his podcast when it got interrupted


If you’re ready to embrace the chaos, you can find Matt at:

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