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#001 | A Look at Podcasting as a Reliable Source for New Clients, Customers and Revenues

Date : January 11, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

secret-beach-hut-thumbnailIn this inaugural edition, James Martell, 12-year Podcasting Veteran, and Kimberly Juchnowski, Digital Marketing Strategist are tucked into their secret beach hut studio to begin an ongoing discussion. They’ll discuss developing a lifestyle business, so we can all spend less time doing business, and more time enjoying our families, more time travelling, and more time to doing “all of the things” that matter to us all the most.

It’s for these reasons the podcast focuses on strategies for both developing a passive monthly income stream, and passive ways of developing new clients and customers for your business. The goal is to inspire you as an entrepreneurial business owner to start your own podcast.

This podcast is dedicated to helping you make money with podcasting.

Helicopters, Parasailing & Tropical Drinks

You should be warned that you may hear the odd ‘Blue Hawaiian’ helicopter fly overhead, or a parasailing boat cruising by, or even the tropical drink blender.

To begin your lifestyle business podcasting, and not be fixed to one geographic location, all you’ll need is a computer, a headset with a microphone, and an internet connection. Then you too can be hanging out in your own secret beach hut studio, with the warm ocean breeze, palm trees, crystal clear blue water, and the turtle.

This Podcast Is About YOU!

You know who you are. You’re the one with the entrepreneurial spirit. You like to stand out from the crowd but never really thought of yourself as a podcaster.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs are in need of reliable sources for new customers, and increased revenues. Your own podcast can provide this, it’s a tall order, even if you are very busy, low on funds, not sure where to start, or even if podcasting is for you

A podcast can help you solve most, maybe even all of your problems.

And all in less than 1 hour a week.

What You Can Expect

James and Kimberly talk about what you can expect to hear in upcoming episodes:

  • How to Position Yourself as the Recognized Expert in Your Marketplace
  • How to Make Money Podcasting Even if You Don’t Have a Product of Your Own
  • How to Use a Podcast to Sell More to Your Existing Customers
  • How to “Um”, “Ah”, “You Know” Your Way to Sounding Like a Pro
  • How to Come Up with a Never Ending List of Interesting Topics for Your Show!
  • How to Leverage Your Time By Using Audio to Scatter Your Sales Message All Over the Internet!
  • How to Grab Attention with Audio – A 1700% Increase in New Clients
  • How to Monetize Your Ebook with a Podcast
  • How to Earn $100 a Day as a Podcaster While Not Being ‘Tied Down’ Geographically So You Can Travel

James and Kimberly are going to share real-life case studies that you can model and put to work for you, using audio to generate new clients and revenues.

This entire podcast is dedicated to make money with podcasting. And we are going to have fun doing this and not take ourselves too seriously.

Click the play button above to begin your podcasting journey to work less, earn more, and swim with the turtles. Listen now!


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