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#020 | Ali Shapiro of Insatiable Explains Why Podcasting is the Perfect Marketing Strategy for Health Coaches

Date : March 21, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

podcasting tipsOnce again, Podcasting Veteran, James Martell and Digital Marketing Strategist, Kimberly Juchnowski are tucked into the secret beach hut studio to talk podcasting. They’ve talked about setting up a studio on a budget, and they’ve talked about the advantages of podcasting for health coaches before. Today they’ll hear from Ali Shapiro of the Insatiable Podcast. Along with some seriously inspiring stories of rediscovering health, Ali will offer her best podcasting tips, describe the format for her show, tell us what she would have done differently if she could go back in time and give her take on why podcasting is the perfect medium for health coaches.

Ali Shapiro is a health coach pioneering a new way to approach food, health and weight loss. Her work is informed by her own 18-year struggle with her weight, and by having had cancer as a teenager. While earning a Masters degree in coaching at the University of Pennsylvania, Ali combined her knowledge of functional medicine and holistic nutrition, to create an innovative health coaching method, Truce with Food™.

Perfect Medium for Complex Information

Ali had a startling encounter in a doctor’s office once. She looked at her own health care records and realized that she had been defining health as not having cancer. Cancer–free is a great thing to be, but it’s not all there is to health. As she began to delve deeper, Ali stumbled on a big advantage that podcasting offers health coaches. Health is complex. It’s unique to individuals. It’s not black and white. Everything you need to know for a healthy life can’t be contained in a sound bite or a Tweet. Podcasting offers enough time to explore the nuances of health information.

Ali noticed that people’s views about health were also being shaped by the things that get omitted, the stories we don’t hear. Her podcast provides an excellent way to get this information out. And, like coaching, it’s intimate. It feels like a conversation with your listeners.

Ali uses her podcast not only to attract new clients (and that’s already happening even though her podcast is new), but also to build authority for the book she’s writing. Podcasting gives her a voice in the health-coaching field.

Podcasting also provides a mechanism for connecting with colleagues. Ali loves working with her clients, but she craved collaboration. In a field that can feel like the Wild West (there aren’t any real industry standards), Ali felt like an outsider. Her podcast has provided the vehicle for connecting with the professionals she wants to work with and building her network.

Today’s Podcasting Tips

Along with Ali’s very gripping personal story, you’ll hear how she uses her podcast to:

  • Stay in touch with clients who don’t spend a lot of time online
  • Offer ongoing support and value for her clients between sessions
  • Reach out to a complimentary client base, supplied by her co-host
  • Create content for social media by pulling quotations from her podcast
  • Build her professional network as she identifies guests for her show
  • Audience building tips for podcasters


As always, James and Kimberly want to offer concrete resources to go with your new podcasting tips. After, you’ve had a chance to listen to Ali’s podcast, use James’s report to get started on your own:

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