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#049 | Building a Dream Lifestyle as a Podcaster, and What It REALLY Takes to Put Together a First Class Podcast

Date : February 3, 2017 Posted By :James Martell

Put Together a First Class PodcastFrom the Secret Beach Hut Studio to Costa Rican jungle, today Podcasting Veteran, James Martell continues his discussion of how you can use podcasting to work less, earn more and have more time to enjoy family, travel and the things that matter most. His guest, Brad Axelrad is doing exactly that. He’s the host of the Face Your Dragon Podcast and he lives his life “chasing the climate, the vibe and the tribes – whatever supports his passion!” he’s also an expert on the power of facing your fears. But before he and James start to discuss just what does it take to put together a first class podcast, James has a special announcement.

We Have a Winner!

Jen Hemphill is the proud, new owner of James’ podcasting book bag which includes signed copies of James’s two newest books:

Jen left a wonderful review on iTunes. There are more bags to give away, so pop on over and write your review.

Why Podcast?

From the beginning, Brad Axelrad wanted to know the right people. He started his business specifically so that he could associate with some of world’s most important thought leaders in the field of transformation. He wanted to share the inspiring conversations he was having so he considered doing a weekly Google Hangout. But when he looked into the preparation that needed to be done, he realized that he would get more bang for his buck by doing a podcast.

It worked. Brad has leveraged engaging podcasts into profitable relationships. He is able to attract thought leaders to serve as guests on his program, and enjoys inheriting some of their credibility.

What Does It Take to Put Together a First Class Podcast?

It wasn’t easy to get there, at least not at first. Brad wanted to put together a top rate show, but what does it take to put together a first class podcast? What it takes is a virtual dream team and a good system for managing them. Brad’s biggest “Aha!” moment was when he realized he could hire high caliber, overseas professionals, for the many tasks (graphics, writing, audio editing, etc.) associated with putting together a podcast. Brad had outsourced before, but he learned that it’s a whole new game when you post a job and let enthusiastic professionals come to you.

Then he had to manage that international dream team. If you’re a regular listener to the show, you already know what James’s favorite project manage tool is. Brad will give his opinion after having tried quite a few.

Listen now as Brad and James discuss:

  • What does it take to put together a first class podcast
  • Which of the Five Dragons is holding you back
  • How to entice top tier guests to be on your show
  • Basecamp vs. Trello vs. Google Drive vs. DropBox
  • The importance of breathing during your podcast (yes, breathing)
  • What many podcasters have in common with Elvis
  • The importance of having a net to catch all the traffic


If you’re ready to face (or at least identify) your dragon, take the Courage Quiz or check out Brad’s website. We’ve also got links to that CoolCast Player, Brad’s favorite tool and some fantastic hot springs if you happen to be in Costa Rica.

James’ Books on Podcasting

James’ Books on Podcasting

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