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#015 | She Podcasts and We Listen – An Interview with Veteran Podcaster, Jessica Kupferman

Date : March 3, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

How a Health and Wellness Coach Can Use Podcasting to Become a Trusted ExpertPodcasting Veteran, James Martell and Digital Marketing Strategist, Kimberly Juchnowski are tucked into the secret beach hut studio to talk to with Jessica Kupferman, host of She Podcasts.

As you’ll hear, Jessica is passionate about her work. Along with She Podcasts, and her previous podcast, Lady Business Radio, Jessica is a digital media specialist with 15 years of experience, co-founder of the Podcasting School for Women, and creator of the Facebook group, She Podcasts. You get the feeling she believes in women helping women. But as her conversation with James and Kimberly reveals, she’s more than ready to help everybody.

Tell It Like It Is

Jessica isn’t one to mince words, so this interview includes some acknowledgement of the differences between men and women, as well as the different treatment they receive in the business world. Jessica knew that her podcasting heroes (usually male) were never going to invite her to be on their show. So she started her own.

Kimberly is a member of the She Podcasts Facebook group and describes it as a safe environment for posing questions, a place where people are open and helpful. Even James, admits that women more natural at networking.

Today there are more than 80 episodes of She Podcasts. In addition to a having a few sponsors and affiliate links, Jessica and Elsie monetize the show by providing coaching, education and webinars for women wanting to learn to podcast.

No Guest? No Problem!

Unlike most of the podcasters we’ve heard from, Jessica doesn’t interview guests on her show. She’ll tell us why and suggest some other strategies for coming up with content. In fact, she never runs out of things to talk about on She Podcasts. And in her impassioned way, she poses and interesting question for those who do.

Jessica doesn’t have a problem finding time to do her podcast either, and she’ll tell you why in no uncertain terms.

She Podcasts, She Prepares!

Or does she? After describing the format (length and frequency) of her show, Jessica will tell us how she had co-host Elsie prepare for a show. Sometimes less is more. There’s a reason their conversations sound spontaneous, fresh and unrehearsed.

Jessica and co-host Elsie Escobar make the most of their complimentary personalities. They also apply this strategy to the off-microphone aspects of running a show. Jessica doesn’t think having a co-host is essential for everyone. She even goes on to suggest a few people you shouldn’t have as a co-host.

I’ve Always Had a Big Mouth

That’s what Jessica answered when she was asked why she started podcasting. Today she uses that mouth to tell us:

  • The advantages of a podcast over other forms of media
  • How to avoid conflicts with your co-host and who you shouldn’t be your co-host
  • How your Show Notes can be the outline for your show
  • Where to find topics if you’re not interviewing guests
  • Why your graphics matter (even though it’s and audio program)
  • How to automate your systems
  • Why you need a Virtual Assistant
  • Her strategy for growth
  • Fabulous quotes from uppity women like Joan Rivers, Lucille Ball and Tina Fey


Regardless of your gender, there’s a lot to learn from listening to Jessica Kupferman’s podcasts. And as always, James has his own tips to share:

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