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5 Types of Podcasters

There are typically 5 types of podcasters. Click on the one that best describes you?

starting a podcast

You’re considering starting a podcast, but have no idea how to get started or what’s involved. You need to increase revenues and you’re wondering if podcasting is the answer.

You’re in the early stages of developing a podcast

You’re in the early stages of developing a podcast, but you find yourself overwhelmed. You want to launch your show and you’re wondering if there’s an easier way.

You’re a podcaster but have gotten off track

You’re a podcaster, but you’ve gotten off track. You want a successful show, but you’re bogged down because of time or technical issues. You realize you need some help.

You’re a regular podcaster but not making any money

You’re a regular podcaster, but not making any money. You enjoy podcasting, but the reason you started was to generate revenue. You realize you need a better plan.

You’re a veteran podcaster with a successful show

You’re a podcaster with a successful show. You would love to be interviewed on the Podcasting Mastery podcast to share successes and failures to inspire new podcasters.