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#027 | “80% of My Clients Come from My Podcast” – Jeremy Reeves Reveals EXACTLY How He Does It!

Date : April 14, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

Marketing a Podcast - 80% of My Clients Come from My PodcastOnce again, Podcasting veteran, James Martell and Digital Marketing Strategist, Kimberly Juchnowski are tucked into the secret beach hut studio to talk about marketing a podcast. A podcast can be a passive way to attract clients to your business, or it can be tool for creating passive income. This week, they are joined by Jeremy Reeves, CEO of Kaizen Marketing Inc. Jeremy will share with us exactly how he combines a well-thought strategy with good copy to create more profit, more automation and more freedom.

Jeremy will explain what a sales funnel is and how you can use it to get consistent cash flow (among many other benefits). Jeremy has worked with the worlds leading entrepreneurs, adding tens of millions to their bottom lines. He is a frequent speaker at “invite-only” marketing events, offers free webinars, writes for the marketing industry’s top blogs and, of course, hosts a podcast – Sales Funnel Mastery.

But it wasn’t always that way. Jeremy started out as a copywriter and was putting in long days to support his family. Then one day he had the transformative idea of combining his writing skills with a bigger strategy. Jeremy focuses on things impact the bottom line; sales positioning, congruency between products and simple follow-up systems. He is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on building sales funnels.

Did He Say 80%?

Actually, no. He said over 80% of his clients come from his podcast. Wow! That’s a great conversion rate. Once you’ve mastered the art of attracting listeners to your podcast, you’ll have a ready base of people who are interested in what you have to offer, trust in your authority and feel like they already know you.

When James and Kimberly asked Jeremy why he started his podcast, he gave an unusual answer. But wrist pain aside, Jeremy has found podcasting to be an excellent tool for building authority in his field and bonding with listeners. Now that he’s 50-some episodes in, he says that clients treat him like he’s a celebrity.

And is working himself to the bone to earn that celebrity status? Nope. Jeremy says that he rarely makes an outline for, or even edits, his podcast.

Here’s What You’ll Hear

Jeremy is an expert in his field, so this show goes beyond the basics of marketing a podcast. Listen now to learn:

  • What a sales funnel is
  • What you get when you combine a well-thought strategy with great copy
  • How podcast can separate you from your competition
  • How to leverage podcast guests into joint-venture partners
  • How to use a sales funnel for podcast marketing
  • How your podcast can help you bond with listeners until they’re ready to become customers
  • How to increase authority in your field by choosing the right guests for your podcast


As usual, James and Kimberly want to help you connect with today’s guest, as well as offering tips for marketing a podcast. Not finding what you want here? Check out the show notes for some past episodes. You’ll find everything from advice on increasing downloads to finding the best (and most affordable) podcasting equipment.

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