Virtual Co-Host

Are You Uncomfortable with the Idea of Hosting Your Own Podcast?

Why Not Let a Virtual Co-host Handle the Heavy Lifting for You?


What Is a Virtual Co-Host?

A virtual co-host works from a remote studio to provide you with assistance with conducting professional interviews.

Our virtual co-hosts work closely with you (and virtual producer if applicable).

How It Works

Step 1

Our virtual co-host will join you and your guest (if applicable) on the call at the scheduled time and will manage the clock.

Step 2

Our virtual co-host will kick off each episode by welcoming the audience and positioning you as the recognized expert, and then announcing the topics and pain points to be discussed.

Step 3

Our virtual co-host will introduce and welcome the guest, toss the ball to you (so to speak) to ask the pre-determined questions, and take you into and out of the commercial break(s).

Step 4

Our virtual co-host will wrap up each episode by sharing contact information, asking listeners to take actions (buy, subscribe, follow, share, etc.), and to say goodbye to the audience.


Virtual Co-Host – $125 USD per episode*

*12 episode minimum

*Download price list for volume discount.


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