Virtual Producer

Your Virtual Producer Frees Up Your Time

  • You spend only 30 min. per podcast, that’s it!
  • You avoid every tech hassle!
  • Best of all, you don’t have to invest in ANY equipment

Working from a remote studio, your virtual producer does everything except the sound of your voice. Delivering a professional podcast on time and within budget.

Your virtual producer simplifies everything. You don’t need to learn to use equipment. Or even buy it. All you do is speak into your phone.

Your on-going podcast becomes as easy as 1,2,3,4 …

How It Works

Step 1

Our virtual producer will call you at the scheduled time, connect you with your guest (if applicable), and then record the episode using professional-grade equipment to make sure you both sound great.

Step 2

Our editor will level and equalize the voices, remove any “ums”, “ahs” and silent pauses and then add the intro, outro and commercials to give you a polished and professional sound that’ll impress all who hear it.

Step 3

Our writer will listen to each episode to retrieve the information required to craft the search engine friendly “show notes” required for you to be found in the podcast directories and search engines.

Step 4

Our virtual producer will add and optimize the completed search engine friendly “show notes” and upload the episode audio track within an attractive audio player to your website for your visitor’s listening enjoyment.

Virtual Producer – $175 USD per episode*

*12 episode minimum

*Download price list for volume discount.


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