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#063 | Spinning Off a Solo Show from Your Primary Podcast with Marc Mawhinney, Host of Natural Born Coaches

Date : February 25, 2018 Posted By :James Martell

when should you start a second podcastIn this episode of Podcasting Mastery, James Martell, tucked into the ‘Secret Beach Hut Studio’ talks with Marc Mawhinney, host of The Natural Born Coaches podcast and today we are going to be talking about when should you start a second podcast, if you want a spin-off of your primary show.

Marc is proud of the 540 episodes to date with his original podcast Natural Born Coaches, most of which is interview based. Then he decided to also host a solo show that is only 10-20 minutes in length, where he is the solo host with no guests.

When Should You Start a Second Podcast?

He loved to format of the primary podcast that allowed him to interview guests, but really wanted more solo podcasts, where he could dig deeper into topics. He considered just adding it as a segment to the original show, but he felt it would open things up for his listeners, and he talks about the benefits he got from launching the second show, which included growing his email list.

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Prepping a Solo Show

Marc shares his experience hosting a solo show and talks about how he prepares for the show, why it is important to get the subject matter to appeal to listeners and what format he decided on. He wanted it to be unscripted and natural and it freed him up to dive into new subjects.

Growing Your Online Community

Starting an online community through Facebook was a very powerful medium. Marc shares how he was easily able to grow his list to 10,000 with not a lot of effort and no advertising. He talks about the criteria he uses to accept members to the group and why this is important.

Marc discusses how he reaches out to his podcast list, and the top alternative way to reach people to build a stronger relationship and make more money. He talks about the types of things he sends out including stories, things he has learned or recommends. He talks about why consistency is so important and why you need to make that commitment every week, so people can trust your show will be there.

Promoting and Monetizing Your Podcast

Listen to learn where and how he promotes his episode, the tools he uses and what works best to get the show out there. He has a “one sheet” media page which he shares to give the shows more exposure. Marc also shares the many different outlets he uses to monetizes his business and grow his following.

Listen Now as Marc shares:

  • A creative way to come up with a name for a podcast
  • Deciding on how many episodes to do each week
  • The reality of hosting a solo podcast
  • When should you start a second podcast
  • An alternative to reach your list as an accompaniment to podcasts
  • How Marc uses a consistent call to action
  • How the solo show grew his email list
  • How social media plays a role to build your community
  • The criteria he uses for people to join his community
  • How Marc monetizes and promotes his podcasts
  • Tips to keep your listeners from unsubscribing


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