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#073 | Which Social Media Platforms Are Right For Your Podcast?

Date : September 25, 2018 Posted By :James Martell

Hire a Podcasting Coach to Help Craft and Share Your StoryIn this episode, James Martell talks Tequila Dodard, Founder of “Socially Stand Out”, a full-service project operations and marketing agency, about which social media platforms are right for your podcast “by understanding the personalities of each of the platforms”.

Is it Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest? How about LinkedIn?

Those are great questions and Tequila is here to help you those answer questions so you can maximize your time and attract your ideal listeners and clients.

It Begins with Understanding a Platform’s Personality

Tequila draws from her extensive social media background and explains the differences between each of the social media platforms.

She talks about why it’s important to understand which social media platform is right for your podcast to maximize your potential in attracting your ideal client to your podcast.

During the conversation, Tequila shares the various personalities for each of the platforms and points out which are focused and branding and stories. She also shares the #1 social media platform you must be on as a podcasters and the importance of carrying your website branding through to your social media accounts.

The BIG Mistake You Must Avoid

The conversation takes an interesting turn when Tequila rightly points out that “Mark” (Zuckerberg) owns Facebook, and of course, we all don’t.

She points this out and shares a story of how a leading influencer had “lost their 30,000 followers Facebook Group” without notice or explanation. Tequila offers the BIG solution you need to implement to make sure this doesn’t happen to you on Facebook or any other social media platform.

Which Social Media Platforms Are Right For Your Podcast? Tequila’s BIG 3!

As a podcaster, do you which social media platforms are right for your podcast? Do you know which platforms you can best target to attract your ideal clients and listeners?

Tequila pulls back the curtains and shares her extensive experience attracting targeted traffic. She then recommends her BIG 3 social media platform choices for podcasters.

I am sure at least one of them will surprise you.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why you must lead social media followers to your website
  • Why it’s you must be clear in your purpose before selecting a social media platform
  • How to write posts to bait individuals to visit your website
  • Which social network in keyword searchable
  • Which social media platform is a *must* for your podcast – the Big #1

James wrapped up the discussion with Tequila with an invitation to coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, marketers, and entrepreneurs looking for a reliable source of “ready-to-buy” leads to listen to episode #72 where he discusses how “90+% of his clients come from his podcasts”, and how you can get some help to do the same.


  • TequilaDodard.com – “It’s through our stories that we are able to stand out and be ourselves then impact the world. People in the end just simply want to be with their family and friends and be happy. We help you get there. We are here to help you free up more time by supporting you in overseeing your project operations and marketing with a virtual team ready to assist. ~ Tequila Dodard

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