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#016 | WiFi in the Car – Why It’s a Really BIG Deal for Podcasters

Date : March 7, 2016 Posted By :James Martell

WiFi in the Car - Why It's a Really BIG Deal for PodcastersThis week Podcasting Veteran, James Martell and Digital Marketing Strategist, Kimberly Juchnowski are tucked into the secret beach hut studio to talk to techie toys. Specifically, they talk about new gadgets, Android Auto and Apple Car Play, that provide WiFi in the car for all new vehicle owners.

We know James is a veteran podcaster. After all, he started the Affiliate Buzz in 2003. But just how long has he been around? This week, he actually refers to eight-tracks, in discussing the early days of audio.

Things Have Come a Long Way

Remember flip phones? Or Blackberry? (Oops- Kimberly is still using one of those.) Times have changed and smartphones are ubiquitous. Not only have things come a long way, but people are going a long way. Planning a road trip with the family? Spending hours stuck in traffic on your way to work? Having WiFi in the car means that you can be leveraging your time while you’re driving. Whether you want to listen to programs to stimulate your mind, improve your business or just be entertained, these new devices, imbedded directly into the dashboard, put the whole world of podcasts at your fingertips.

The same icons that show up on your phone are now on your dashboard, with the podcast player front and center. This can only mean one thing- the exponential growth of podcast audiences. So step aside, local radio – we’ve got Pandora, iHeartRadio, iTunes and Amazon Music.

Blue Tooth will connect your phone to your car and the technology is built right in, no need for a clunky device sitting in the drink holder. Your commute time (and that of millions of other listeners) can be useful, pleasant and productive.

If You’re Not Planning to Buy a New Car…

You’ve heard about the Shelby, so you know cars are important in James’s family. His wife, Arlene, loves her car too. But somebody blew out the speakers listening to his new Elvis CD.

Always one to look at the bright side, James decided to check and see if there was a way to put a WiFi stereo in a car you already own. He’ll tell you how to find the device that will work in your vehicle so you can enjoy WiFi in the car, even if the car predates the podcasting revolution.

WiFi in the Car – Here’s What You’ll Hear

Whether you’re listening on the road, as you workout, or on your headphones as you lay in a lounge chair at the beach, listen now to hear:

  • New car models that offer Apple Car Play or Android Auto
  • Options for aftermarket WiFi in the car players, how to find them and what you should expect to pay
  • What WiFi in the car means for podcasters


If you need something to listen to on your drive, Kimberly recommends a few past episodes:


And for you business coaches out there, James offers up a free report to help you get started on your podcast:

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