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#069 – Developing Authentic Relationships w’ Respect-Based Marketing to Drive Leads and Sales with Bastian Ernst, Founder of WildAudience.com

Date : June 6, 2018 Posted By :James Martell

respect-based marketingIn this episode of Podcasting Mastery, James Martell, tucked into the ‘Secret Beach Hut Studio’ talks with Bastian Ernst founder of WildAudience.com about using respect-based marketing and relationship funnels to get people to feel, act and convert. If closing sales are important to your business, you will love the many tips Bastian has to shares.

Respect-Based Marketing: The Best Way to Market Your Products

Respect based marketing was born out of the frustration of playing the game everyone else is playing – trying to sell through monthly promotions, discounts, countdown timers, fake scarcity, and product launches. Bastian explains why he stopped trying to do what everyone else is doing, and turned to evergreen products and building relationships with his prospects and customers.

Bastian explains that we all have beliefs, and if you want to sell your product in an authentic way, you must build respect and get them to believe before they will buy. He bases everything heavily on human psychology through respect, relationships and trust. A very refreshing approach.

Buying Beliefs Using Relationship Sales Funnels

Bastian explains how funnels get people into the door, builds relationship and gets a referral. He explains that he uses a “relationship sales funnel” and how the nurturing process takes over. You need to know who your customers is, and their needs. He explains the most important part to selling and how to prepare your customer for the sale. What do they need to believe before they are ready to buy your product? Once the customer has the buying belief, the sale is easy! He explains the best way to conquer your own false beliefs as well.

How to Get Your Buyers Engaged To Buy

Getting people to buy is always the bottom line, and there are different types of buyers – and stages they are in to buy. Bastian shares how he uses questions to gather data, then customize and make the product relevant to them. Getting the right people engaged increases revenues and conversions. Bastian explains exactly how to get them engaged, and how to get them “hooked” which gives you a very high open rate. He shares some really great strategies where he “gives the steering wheel” to the customer, allowing them to take control of when they want to consume the content.

Podcast Promotion Strategies

Bastian’s podcast serves many purposes and he details the well thought-out plan he has put in place to promote it on multiple platforms. It is brilliant. He sticks with the customer belief system and talks about researching to prepare the podcast and all the steps to promote, promote, promote. He shares how he uses the multiple types of content generated from his podcast to his advantage, with the end result getting the customer to sign up. He also gives advice to podcasters and tips they might not be thinking about to get more traction from each episode.

Listen Now as Bastian shares:

  • Why respect-based marketing is a game changer to your business
  • How to use relationship funnels to get people to feel, act and convert
  • A better way to sell without monthly promotions, discounts and product launches
  • The most important part and key to selling
  • How to get your customer engaged to buy
  • The many ways to re-purpose your podcast

James wrapped up the discussion with Bastian with an invitation to listeners considering starting a podcast of their own to take advantage of his FREE Discovery Call. James also invited listeners to Subscribe to Podcasting Mastery on our website, on iTunes, and on our new YouTube Channel to be alerted to new episodes.


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